More than 10 Cuban Police Agents Violently Beat One Dissident, Break his Glasses and Arrest Him

Delmides Fidalgo Lopez

More than 10 Cuban Political Police agents surrounded and beat Delmides Fidalgo Lopez, one of the vice-coordinators of the Eastern Democratic Alliance, this past February 23rd in Buenaventura, Holguin, as different commemorative events across the island were being held in honor of Orlando Zapata Tamayo.  The attack agains the activist occurred at around 5 in the afternoon as he tried to leave his own house, according to the dissident blogger Luis Felipe Rojas.

“As soon as he stepped out of his house, he was intercepted by various police officials and, later, more than 10 other agents arrived on the scene.  All these policemen began to beat Delmides, and they even finished breaking his glasses“, explained Rojas, who pointed out that nearly two months ago another political police agent had also physically attacked Delmides, shattering one of the lens on his glasses.  This time, the dictatorship’s functionaries completely destroyed the glasses.  “Delmides suffers from severe myopia and he can’t even see where he is walking without his glasses“, narrated Rojas.

The police agents continued the aggressions and threw the dissident to the floor, beating him even more when he tried to pull out his cellphone to communicate with fellow Resistance members to denounce what he was being subjected to.  Delmides Fidalgo was detained for the rest of the day and released during the afternoon of the 24th.

In addition, Luis Felipe Rojas denounced that during the 23rd, numerous homes in his town of San German were surrounded by the political police, including his own and those of dissidents Elieser Palma Pupo and Jose Antonio Triguero Mullet.

Our homes were surrounded by uniformed soldiers and many of them were armed, and also by a group of civilian-clothed paramilitary officials, trained by the political police to combat peaceful dissidents who simply wanted to pay tribute to Orlando Zapata Tamayo“, expressed Rojas.

More than 10 Cuban Police Agents Violently Beat One Dissident, Break his Glasses and Arrest Him

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