“Zapata Lives!”: Audio of Ladies in White During Act of Repudiation on Anniversary of OZT’s Assassination

Orlando Zapata Tamayo

Throughout the island, tributes were held by dissidents for the fallen prisoner of conscience Orlando Zapata Tamayo who was assassinated exactly two years ago by the Castro dictatorship on February 23rd 2010.  As was expected, the regime responded with violence.  In Havana, Ladies in White gathered in the group’s headquarters, the house of their fallen leader Laura Pollan, and were surrounded by government agents.  Marta Diaz Rondon was among the 40 Ladies in White who was at the house.  The audio attached to the end of this post is of Rondon during the mob attack, which, according to her was headed by communist functionaries and “mentally sick people and drunkards”.  In fact, a tourist was even attacked during the mob scene.  The mobs screamed offensive slogans at the activists, but the response of the women were to scream at the top of their lungs: “ZAPATA LIVES!”

(The audio is in Spanish.  Marta Diaz Rondon explains that 40 Ladies in White were congregated to pay tribute to Orlando Zapata Tamayo and also the 4 Brothers to the Rescue who were shot down on February 24th of 1996 by Cuban planes.  One can also hear the chants of the mobs, screaming that ‘the streets belong to Fidel’, calling the Ladies mercenaries, and offending them)


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