Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia Arrested in Havana

Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia, former political prisoner and current national coordinator of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) was arrested during the night hours of  Tuesday, February 21st as he was leaving the home of dissident Hector Palacios in Havana, after a meeting of ex prisoners of conscience.  His whereabouts are unknown.

The news was confirmed by various dissident sources through Twitter, including Yoani Sanchez, Luis Felipe Rojas, Felix Navarro, Ivan Hernandez Carrillo, Guillermo Farinas, and Pedro Arguelles Moran.

It was also reported by dissident Ramon Bolanos Martin on the website ‘Hablalo sin Miedo‘.  Martin expressed that the “final sanctuary for the weak is violence“.

Jose Daniel Ferrer constantly reports about the Cuban reality from his Eastern town of Palmarito de Cauto and is one of the most active members of the Cuban Resistance.  For these reasons, he suffers large-scale repression at the hands of the Castro tyranny, as do countless other dissidents.

During the same afternoon of his arrest, Ferrer had shared some declarations with this blog.  He informed about more than 30 signs with anti-government slogans which had propped up throughout the town of Palma Soriano.  In addition, Ferrer pointed out that the violence on behalf of the regime against the Resistance had been increasing, but that dissident activities and activism out on the streets was also increasing.  “This repression is the measure of the activism which exists, it is the desperate response of the repressive organisms against Cuban activists“, affirmed the dissident.

We must demand that the dictatorship FREE HIM NOW!

(Along with Ferrer, there are also a number of Ladies in White and activists from UNPACU who have been detained since this past weekend.  More information coming soon)

Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia Arrested in Havana

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