Forced Eviction of 20 Families in Boyero, Havana

From Havana, the dissident and Lady in White Sara Marta Fonseca Quevedo is reporting that, among the many forced evictions being carried out by the Cuban regime against everyday citizens which have been occurring during that past few days, another serious case has emerged in the Havana municipality of Boyeros:


Forced eviction of 20 families in Boyero, Havana

Leidys Serrano is denouncing that the President of the Boyeros Local Government- a woman named Rosa- visited the building where more than 20 families reside on Friday February 17th and again on Saturday the 18th, telling all inhabitants that there would be a meeting held there on the 20th.  During that meeting which took place at around 7:30 on the 20th, Rosa told all the families that they would be evicted on February 22nd, adding that she did not care about human rights or anything of the sort.  She also threatened that if the families did not leave, the regime agents would use force to get them out.

The functionary said this in front of Bartolo Marquez, an activist from the Pro-Human Rights Party.  The building had been abandoned for 6 years and was recently repaired by its inhabitants.  More than 20 families are under the threat of being evicted, and within these families there are around 12 children.  The building is located on 26th of July Avenue, between 247 and 249, no number, Abel Santamaria Neighborhood, Boyeros Municipality, Havana.

– Sara Marta Fonseca

Forced Eviction of 20 Families in Boyero, Havana

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