(VIDEO) Cuban Agents Try to Cover Violence With… a Bed Sheet?

(Video via the blog of Antunez- “I Won’t Leave, I Won’t Shut Up“)

The women of the Rosa Parks Movement for Civil Rights once again stayed true to their promise of marching publicly throughout the streets of Santa Clara  this February 1st.  The march, however, was rapidly and violently interrupted by agents at the service of the Cuban dictatorship.  This is the same arrest which was caught on audio and posted on Antunez’s blog a few days ago, as well.

This time, they also captured the arbitrary arrest on video, but they also captured something else of equal importance- the incredible fear which the Cuban regime is feeling.  This fear is displayed on the video as we can see two Castro regime agents stupidly (there is no other word to describe it) using a bed sheet in an attempt to try and cover the violence against the women from being captured on film.  We can see them moving left and right, trying to match their bed sheet with the camera, but we can also see them fail, and the dissident recording the event manages to capture some images.  The women were sexually harassed, touched, and beaten- among them were Yris Tamara Aguilera, Idania Yánez Contreras and Damaris Moya.

And the truth is that the Cuban dictatorship feels a deep fear because of the public and peaceful activities which Resistance members are carrying out on the streets of the island, in addition to much fear because of the new technologies being used by dissidents, such as cameras, Twitter, and internet- because they know very well that not even their repressive machinery can deter reality, Resistance, and change.

Watch the fear of the dictatorship for yourselves:

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