Luis Felipe Rojas: “We Will Continue to Go Out to the Streets”

Under daily harassment, the Cuban Resistance continues active

Luis Felipe Rojas, infront of his home after it was attacked by "paint bombs" launched by regime functionaries

This past weekend, from Friday February 3rd to Sunday February 5th, was the fifth consecutive weekend of police harassment and total vigilance around the home of dissident blogger Luis Felipe Rojas Rosabal in San German, in the province of Holguin.  Rojas explained that the repression is not only against him, but also against all of the dissidents who live in that town.

On the morning of Friday, February 3rd, the dissident Jose Antonio Triguero Mullet- who is a member of the Eastern Democratic Alliance and the Liberal Party of Cuba- was arrested in the bus terminal of San German“, explained the blogger.  The authorities wanted to impede Mullet from traveling to the city of Holguin, something which “is happening with all activists of San German“, added Rojas.  “There is a permanent check point in the terminal and the three points of exit of this town- towards Granma, Santiago de Cuba, and the city of Holguin“.

On Saturday, February 4th, the presence around the home of Rojas increased, with the participation of numerous National Revolutionary Police officials, State Security agents, and members of the Rapid Response Brigade.  The harassment led the dissident to a verbal confrontation with one of the vigilantes, a retired official from the Ministry of the Interior by the name of Luis Perez.  “He tried to subjugate me in the middle of the street, telling me to go back home“, denounced Rojas, “but the main slogan which all of us members of the Orlando Zapata Tamayo Naitonal Resistance Front and the Eastern Democratic Alliance abide by is that the streets belong to the people and that none of our homes will be dungeons.  With that said, we will continue to go out to the streets“.

On the following day- Sunday the 5th- Rojas and his wife Exilda Arjona, along with a group of human rights activists, were able to surpass the vigilance and leave their home and walk to the local church, under constant watch.  They assisted mass and, upon exiting the church, noticed a “strong police presence which consisted of uniformed officials and officials dressed in civilian clothing“.

It is precisely this vigilance and this constant harassment with which Cuban dissidents must live, for the simple fact of wanting freedom for themselves, their families, and all of the people in general.  In the case of Luis Felipe Rojas- author of “Crossing the Barbed Wire“- he lives surrounded.  It seems as if an independent writer, his wife, and their two small children present a serious threat to the military dictatorship of Cuba.

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