16 year old dissident calls on “all Cuban students” to end dictatorship (Video)

Enrique Lozada Aguedo is the youngest member of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) in Contramaestre with 16 years of age. He was violently detained along with his parents when they were heading to the hospital to visit recently deceased Wilman Villar Mendoza in Santiago de Cuba. Via UNPACU, this video, which shows Aguedo denouncing the violence against him as well as his arrest in a dungeon, has been released. Aguedo also calls on “all Cuban students” to join the resistance to end with the Castro dictatorship.

The video (in Spanish):

4 thoughts on “16 year old dissident calls on “all Cuban students” to end dictatorship (Video)”

  1. In order for the cuban people to move towards democracy, they must appeal to the democratic side of the russian government, since they are the ones holding the strings by which the puppet dangles, Also. everyone knows that the price of freeom. or the illusion of it. is the spilling of blood, Since the arrival of europeans to Cuba there has been no freedom on that island, and there never will be, If I was anyone cuban. your best bet is to git out, If you want to win a revolution, you must offer the russians a better package deal than the one the Castros is giving them.

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