Cuba and the Civic Resistance: 1 Month, 428 Arrests

‘Hablemos Press’  has published its monthly report on repression in Cuba.  In just the month of January, according to the report, 428 arbitrary arrests of activists were documented.  These dissidents who suffered  time behind bars or in dungeons were simply exercising their rights, which mainly consisted of non-violent protests, trying to get to church, or simply traveling from one city or province to another.

With the start of 2012,”  write the independent reporters of Hablemos Press, “repression by the Cuban regime against dissidents, bloggers, independent journalists, and human rights activists has not gotten better.  In fact, it has intensified, even as Pope Benedict XVI is scheduled to come to the island in March.  We have sent out a letter petitioning the Pope to postpone his trip until the conditions on the island no longer cause suffering for any citizen, in terms of preventative repressive actions which we have been reporting on our website”.

Continue reading the report, which includes detailed descriptions of the individual arrests of January, by clicking here.

Also, the dissident blogger Luis Felipe Rojas published a photo on his blog, “Crossing the Barbed Wire“, as an example of yet another method of repression practiced by the Cuban dictatorship against members of the non-violent Resistance-  the “terrorist paint attacks” against their homes:

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