Cuban Activist Holds State Security Accountable for Aggression

Felix Navarro Rodriguez, former political prisoner of conscience from the group of the 75.

It was 9 o’clock in the evening on January 3rd when former political prisoner of conscience Felix Navarro was sitting with his family and watching television at his home in Perico, Matanzas.  Suddenly, a piercing sound disturbed the quietness of his home.  A large stone had penetrated one of his windows, tearing down the blinds and crashing against the wall, very near where his daughter Sayli was sitting.  It was not the only stone  that was thrown.

Navarro’s instinct was to rapidly get up from his chair and run outside his house, where he was able to see the three men who had cast the stones.  They were running away.  “A group of neighbors joined me and we ran after the aggressors… even though it was very dark down that street we were able to make out that they went into a truck, a Chinese model, but we could not see their license plate number“, explained the activist from Matanzas.

Along with the group of neighbors, Navarro decided to go to the home of one of the main ‘informants’ of the neighborhood.  “We told him what had occurred and that it was responsibility of State Security.  He did not tell me anything”.

Afterward, the former prisoner went to the local Police Unit, to the Center of Popular Power, and to a local State Security Unit.  “I went to these three places- which are the most representative of the municipal government- with an objective“, explained Felix, “not to file a complaint, not to ask for clemency, or for protection, but instead to tell them that I am convinced that this entire act had been planned by State Security.  I am accusing, before the international community, the lieutenant colonel Antonio of State Security’s ‘Counter-Revolution Confrontation Unit’ of being the main culprit of this vandalism“.

The officials paid no attention.

For Felix Navarro and his family, though they do not fear their oppressors, they are well aware of the dangerousness attached to the violent acts which they carry out against them.  “We know that there will be deaths because they have shifted from a position of using scare tactics on people to physically attack them.  Those stones were extremely large, they could have killed someone.  It’s not about scaring people, State Security is carrying out criminal acts of terrorism“.

Cuban Activist Holds State Security Accountable for Aggression

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