Vigil for the Freedom of Ivonne Malleza and all Cuban Political Prisoners

This Wednesday, December 21st, members of the pro-democracy Cuban organization in exile ‘Plantados Hasta la Libertad de Cuba‘ have announced that they will incorporate the Lady in White Ivonne Malleza, her husband Ignacio Martinez, and Cuban bystander Isabel Haydee in their weekly vigil held every Wednesday.  Plantados, which is headed by the former political prisoner Angel de Fana, dedicates this vigil to all political prisoners which suffer behind the bars in Cuba.  The event of solidarity will take place outside Miami’s Versailles Restaurant, located at 3555 SouthWest 8th Street, and will begin at 8 pm.

Betsy Gonzalez, an exiled Cuban human rights activist, has created a Facebook page for the event which can be visited here.  According to Gonzalez, those organizing the vigil will also include Christmas music in honor of the holidays and to wish blessings and hope for Cubans during the new year.  It is suggested that attendees take posters with the images of Cuban political prisoners, such as Ivonne Malleza, as well as candles for the vigil.

Activists in and out of Cuba have also created a petition demanding the immediate and unconditional release of Ivonne Malleza, Ignacio Martinez, and Isabel Haydee, which can be signed here.  All three have been detained since November 30th after publicly declaring that the Cuban people are hungry.  This upcoming Wednesday- precisely the day of the vigil- it will be 3 weeks since their arrest.

Freedom for all Cuban political prisoners!

Vigil for the Freedom of Ivonne Malleza and all Cuban Political Prisoners

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