Partial Summary of Resistance (Nov. 24 – Nov. 27)

The Assembly of the Resistance, coalition which groups more than 50 pro-democracy organizations in and out of Cuba, published a report this past Thursday November 24th through the website of the Cuban Democratic Directorate.  In it, numerous Resistance events which were carried out in honor of the Day of the Resistance were outlined.  There were also lots of reports about repression against dissidents and also many reports of activities which were successfully carried out without arrests or beatings, proving that the Cuban Resistance has been able to surpass certain oppressive operations set in motion by the dictatorship, thanks to their immense bravery, valor, and persistence.

The following reports were also carried out by the Assembly of the Resistance and are other situations which occurred during the Day of the Resistance and the days that followed, up to November 27th:

Thursday. November 24th, 2011

San German, Holguin. Independent journalist and blogger Luis Felipe Rojas informed that there were various dissident homes surrounded by State Security and political police officials since the night of the 23rd.  Among those under strict vigilance were Eliecer Palma Pupo, Jose Antonio Mullet, and Rojas himself.  According to Rojas,  the agents ceased their vigilance (at least the most noticeable) during the morning of the 24th because their main objective was to impede the group of activists from leaving the town of San German.  Despite this, the dissidents took to the local streets and walked to a park where they noticed many people.  Taking advantage of the moment, the dissidents engaged in conversation with the locals, explaining the importance of human rights, the slogan of the Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Front of “our homes are not prisons“, the work carried out by human rights activists and most importantly that they have inalienable rights to defend their very rights and freedoms.

Villa Clara.  Former political prisoner Librado Linares reported that he had congregated with 14 other dissidents in the home of an independent Baptist minister in Villa Clara.  The group of activists had plans to walk to the Central Freedom Park in the municipality of Camajuani in order to take the message of the resistance to many locals who meet there.  Upon setting out towards the park, however, State Security agents intercepted them and did not allow them to continue walking.  Linares was told that if he did not return home he would be jailed. “I told them that I would not accept my home as a prison“, declared the dissident.  After having said this, he was detained and taken to a detention center in Caibarien.  “I was kept there in a sealed off cell, one in which I have been in many times before“, narrated the former prisoner of conscience.

Placetas, Villa Clara. Jorge Luis Garcia Perez Antunez explained that activists from the Rosa Parks Movement- Yris Tamara Perez Aguilera and Donaida Perez Paseiro- were released during night hours of the 24th.  The female dissidents had been violently arrested on the 23rd while they were on their way to the General Placetas Hospital in search of medical attention for Yris.  Both women carried out a hunger and thirst strike during their entire arrest.  Perez Aguilera explained that during her arrest the chief of State Security for Placetas, Raul Azahari Rodriguez, reiterated to her that she had no right to leave her house, despite the fact that he had already known that she was simply only going to the hospital.  Aguilera added that this upcoming Monday, the 28th, she will once again attempt to travel to the hospital.

Antunez added that the Orlando Zapata Tamayo Resistance Front, along with the Frank Pais 30th of November, have convoked a nation-wide “pots and pans” protest for the following November 30th.

Friday. November 25th, 2011

Mella, Santiago de Cuba.  Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia denounced that in the city of Mella government sponsored mobs threw rotten eggs at the home of dissident Carina Quintana Hernandez.  In addition, the mobs tore down signs and photos of the fallen leader of the Ladies in White, Laura Pollan Toledo.

Placetas, Villa Clara.  Rene Fernandez Quiroga, active member of the Orlando Zapata Tamayo Resistance Front who was arrested on the 24th, was released at around 9 pm on the 25th.  Quiroga’s arrest took place in Sagua la Grande and he was then transferred to the UPO Unit of Santa Clara, according to Antunez, whom also added that “on the 25th they took Rene on the police vehicle number 256 and left him at Kilometer 270 where he was thrown into a truck driving towards Camaguey.  Only later on was he returned to Placetas“.  Quiroga declared that during his ride to Placetas he was victim of a brutal beat-down at the hands of a State Security Lieutenant a political police sub-Lieutenant.

 Sunday. November 27th, 2011 

Santiago de Cuba.  The coordinator of the Patriotic Union of Cuba and former political prisoner Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia also reported that on the night of the 26th 25 Ladies in White were able to surpass chords of police vigilance and made it to the Sanctuary of El Cobre in Santiago.  Ferrer was present at the temple and was able to speak to many of the Ladies.  According to him, on Sunday morning another group of Ladies in White arrived to the sanctuary, adding up to 38 women in total who were able to make it and assist Sunday mass.  “Despite all the operations which agents who are instruments of the political police have been carrying out within the opposition here in the East, as they try to divide and destroy this group of women“, Jose Daniel declared, “they continue growing and consolidating themselves in the Eastern region“.

The 38 Ladies in White who assisted mass were:

1. Belkis Cantillo Ramírez
2. Aimé Calcé Leiva
3. Yumila Rodríguez Palomo
4. Vivian Peña Hernández
5. Yanelis Elégica Despaine
6. Oria Josefa Casanova Moren
7. Tania Bandera González
8. Yunelis González Pavón
9. Milagros Leiva Ramirez
10. Mayelin la O Montero
11. Yarisel Figueredo Valdés
12. Darnis Aguedo Saldval
13. Yaquelin García Jay
14. Yudisladis Travieso Garlobo
15. Yusmari Chacón Lamot
16. Karina Quintana Hernández
17. Danniellys Betancourt Leiva
18. Grisis Reves Sauñó
19. María Alfonso Córdova
20. Elisa Milagro Reinier Acosta
21. Ana Celia Rodríguez Torres
22. Rosaida Ramírez Matos
23. Matilde Mejías Roque
24. Arelis Rodríguez Chacón
25. Aurora Martín Calderín
26. Marcia Odualdo Mustelier
27. Lumila Cedeño Martínez
28. Beatriz Árias Díaz
29. Yanisbel Ayala Callamo
30. Marina Parada Licéa
31. Eluvije Isac Rodríguez
32. Alicia Fonseca Guerrero
33. Yumislaysi Zamora Álvarez
34. Juana Irene Parada Parada
35. Yubisleysi Vázquez López
36. Yaima Vejerado Díaz
37. Yelena Galcé Nápoles
38. Arisnidia Cruz

Ferrer Garcia added that there was a 39th woman who “passed by the Sanctuary yesterday and we have not heard from her since, we believe she may have been detained“.  Her name is Osmeydis Jimenez Dominguez and she is from Moa (Holguin).  Meanwhile, the other 38 women left mass and as of the time of these declarations (late Sunday afternoon) there has been no communication with these women.  It is possible, according to Ferrer, that they may have suffered detentions, though nothing has been confirmed.  What is known, however, is that they were walking through areas which do not have a telephone signal, making it very complicated to communicate with them.

Havana.  Berta Soler informed that 46 women walked along Havana’s 5th Avenue, all of them wearing white and carrying photos of Laura Pollan, as well as their accustomed white gladiolus flowers.  All of them were able to make it to mass in the Santa Rita Church.  Soler explained that “for us it was a very important day because we had received word that in the Eastern region of the country 39 women made it to the Sanctuary of El Cobre.  Those are 39 women who are winning back their public space.  It also means that the community is respecting them“.  In addition, according to Soler, there was also a significant presences of the Ladies in White in Colon, Cardenas, and Perico, all cities of Matanzas province.

Angel Moya, husband of Soler and former political prisoner, reiterated that the National Boitel and Zapata Live March continues active promoting its fundamental points, which are: 1) To not accept our homes as prisons; 2) To not let oneself lose hope; 3) To be non-violent when the repressive forces arrest, and to divulge the objectives of the national march.  The main objectives are that the regime publish, respect, and divulge the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and that it ratify all the pacts belonging to it; that repression cease against the opposition and the people in general; that all political prisoners be liberated without any sort of conditions and that all the legal processes which take them to prison in the first place be abolished.

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