Crackdown Attempts to Impede the “Day of the Resistance” in Placetas

On Monday Novemebr 21st, 5 dissidents who were on their way to the home of Jorge Luis Garcia Perez “Antunez” in Placetas were victims of violent arrests.  Those arrested were Yoan David González Milanes, Maury Emilio Redonde, Guillermo Rodríguez Rodríguez, Juan Luis Pérez García and Berlay Bejerano Estrada, all of which were coming from the town of Santa Cruz and who are all members of the November 30th Democratic Frank Pais Movement and the Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Resistance Front.

Antunez explains that the dissidents had planned on meeting in his home to kick off the activities which would lead to the 24th of the month, the “Day of the Resistance“.

Yoan David Gonzalez

The dissident from Placetas emphasized the case of one the arrested Resistance members- Yoan David Gonzalez Milanes- who is “a physically handicapped person, who is missing one of his legs and despite this was still dragged and brutally beaten” by the regime’s forces during the arrest.  The stepson of Gonzalez Milanes, Dayan Mayor Betancourt of 20 years of age had to “pretend to be a secondary school student” and that was the only way he was able to make it past the police operation and into the house.  Both Dayan and Antunez denounced all the aggressions committed against Yoan and the rest of the activists.

I also want to denounce  the case of the young dissident Berlay Bejerano Estrado.  She suffers from high blood pressure and she was brutally beaten before they took her away“, declared Antunez, adding that the 5 continued to be detained as of the afternoon of November 22nd.

What is occurring here is nothing new, my house continues to be surrounded“, adds Antunez.  “Regardless, what is happening here is that the Castro tyranny is demonstrating its fear, its rage, and its inability to stop the Day of the Resistance and all the activism which has surged from its convocation“.

I am sending out a warning to the world about the repression which will occur on the 24th of November“.

Crackdown Attempts to Impede the “Day of the Resistance” in Placetas

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