Assembly of the Resistance Lauches Solidarity Campaign for the “Day of the Resistance”

(Miami, FL)- On the morning of Thursday November 17th, members of the Assembly of the Resistance- coalition which groups more than 50 dissident organizations in and out of Cuba- carried out a press conference in which they called for solidarity with dissidents on the island who risk their lives as they publicly protest against the dictatorship and who have designated every 24th of the month as “the Day of the Resistance“.

Sylvia Iriondo, president of Anti-Repression Mothers and Wives (MAR por Cuba)- also part of the Assembly of Resistance- explained before the cameras of the media that the 24th was chosen by dissidents inside Cuba due to that date’s historic symbolism.  “In Cuba, the war of independence from Spain began on February 24th 1895“, signaled Iriondo, adding that “101 years later, the airplanes of the Brothers to the Rescue were shot down by the Castro dictatorship“, and in addition, on the 24th of February 2010 the political prisoner of conscience Orlando Zapata Tamayo died after a lengthy hunger strike and after suffering various savage beatings while behind the bars.

In order to better support the freedom fighters inside the island, the Assembly of the Resistance has decided to effectuate activities throughout diverse cities of the world such as Miami, New Jersey, and Madrid, in coordination with the activists in Cuba.  However, due to the fact that on the 24th of  November and December there will be holiday celebrations throughout the US (and the world), it will be difficult to plan something on those days.  Therefore, for those months the activities will take place a few days before the 24th.  According to declarations made by Aramis Perez,  young Cuban-American activist and member of the Assembly’s secretariat board, for the month of November “we will be holding a prayer vigil” on Tuesday the 22nd in the Ponce Circle Park of Coral Gables (Miami).  “This kind of vigil shows that every Cuban, despite wherever they may be, can be spiritually united with Cubans inside Cuba“, added Perez.

The former president of Uruguay, Luis Alberto Lacalle, a loyal friend of the Cuban freedom cause who was also present in the press conference, affirmed that he too was completely committed to carry out activities for the Cuban resistance in cities throughout Uruguay.  Lacalle explained that friends of his in other countries of the region- such as Mexico and Costa Rica- have confirmed to him that they will also hold demonstrations in their respective cities on the 22nd of the upcoming months.

Bertha Antunez, the exiled sister of dissident Jorge Luis Garcia “Antunez” also spoke and highlighted the perseverance and bravery of the members of Cuban’s internal resistance, those freedom fighters who “carry out public dissident activities throughout the island everyday“, not just on the 24th of each month.  It was precisely on the 24th of September, however, when various activists protested in a street of Havana, outside the home of renowned opposition leader Sara Marta Fonseca Quevedo.  On that day, political police officials of the regime violently arrested all those who participated, savagely beating and detaining Fonseca and her husband Julio Leon, who both ended up spending 2 weeks in detainment cells.  As tends to occur during any protest on any date, on October 24th another repressive wave swept through the island as activists in a wide range of cities took to the streets.

In addition, also present were numerous former political prisoners such as Angel de Fana (Plantados Hasta la Libertad), Huber Matos, and Luis Infante (Casa del Preso), along with various unwavering pro-freedom activists.  For all the diverse groups which make up the Assembly of the Resistance, they seek one thing from the exile community, and anyone who is willing to listen: solidarity.

Assembly of the Resistance Lauches Solidarity Campaign for the “Day of the Resistance”

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