One Month Later, Laura Pollan’s Image Shines in the Night

Photo taken from
Photo taken from

A moving tribute for freedom-loving Cubans around the world, and a haunting reminder for the representatives of an oppressive dictatorship, one month after her death the image of fallen Lady in White leader Laura Pollan has appeared on the walls of the Cuban embassy in Ottawa, Canada, thanks to the creativity of visual artist Geandy Pavon.

Pavon is known for his “Nemesis” series through which he projects images not only of brave and fallen Cuban freedom fighters, but also of other dignified activists all over the world.  When Cuban prisoner of conscience Orlando Zapata Tamayo died after a lengthy hunger strike, Geandy projected his image onto various places- New York’s Carnegie Hall during a performance by Silvio Rodriguez, a spokesperson for the dictatorship, among them.  He did the same in Madrid, Barcelona, and Washington DC.  He also used his talents to carry out the same performance/protest for the persecuted Chinese artist Ai Weiwei on the wall of the Consulate of the People’s Republic of China in New York City, as well as with Franklin Brito, a deceased Venezuelan activist (also dead after a long hunger strike), whose image was reflected on the Venezuelan Consulate, also in New York City.

The editors of this blog would like to sincerely thank Geandy for once again putting the regime’s henchmen in a difficult spot  and for carrying out such a significant project.  If this would have been done in Cuba, the dictatorship would have responded with repression-most likely imprisonment and confiscation of devices.  The government officials working in the Cuban embassy in Ottawa must be infuriated, considering that, while in a free country, they cannot act with impunity.


The following is trailer posted on the blog ‘Chez Isabella‘ of a documentary being made about this specific performance:

One Month Later, Laura Pollan’s Image Shines in the Night

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