“What are you defending?”

Straight from the town of Placetas, in this video we can see how dissident Jorge Luis Garcia “Antunez” was able to capture the face of one of his many repressors who spends his life ‘hunting’ dissidents throughout town and keeping a close vigilance on people who simply want to exercise their rights.  In this specific case, we see a young man who works directly with the Cuban secret police (as he is dressed in civilian clothing) and how he is receiving orders on his walkie-talkie device.  Antunez asks “why is my wife not allowed to pass?” and the agent simply responds “she just can’t”.

Antunez then zooms into his face and asks him: “what are you defending?” The man remains silent.  Perhaps because he defends nothing.

Yris Tamara Aguilera was detained later on during that same day because she refused to accept her home as a dungeon.

“What are you defending?”

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