In San German, Holguin, Three Mothers Were Evicted Alongside their Children

(Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011)- Via “Diario de Cuba”, Luis Felipe Rojas reports about the eviction of three single mothers along with their young children in San German, Holguin.  It is important to note that, as Luis Felipe shares, the neighbors have reacted to this news, publicly displaying their opposition.

Here is the article (my translation):


Holguín: Las autoridades desalojan a tres mujeres y cinco niños pequeños

This Tuesday, the Police, along with the Housing Authorities of San German, Holguin, have evicted three women who were living in an abandoned house alongside 5 children, among them a newborn of less than 1 week, informed independent journalist and writer Luis Felipe Rojas.

The other minors are 3 and 5 years old.  The evicted women are Yaneisi Álvarez Díaz, Yunia Pupo Díaz  and Yanet Góngora Pupo.

A week ago, they had received a notification from the Municipal Unit Housing Investors as well as a warning by San German’s police.

On Tuesday, “dozens of agents”- both from the local Police and functionaries from the Housing department-  “took advantage” that Gongora Pupo (mother of the newborn) had rushed to the hospital along with one of the other women, said Rojas.  “They made sure they watched and noted that the only woman left was alone with the kids when they violently invaded the house”, he added.

“They tore down the backdoor, they threw out all of their things and they were taken to the house they previously lived in, where they were crammed together with two other families in horrid conditions, without drinking water or efficient bathrooms”, denounced Rojas, a collaborator of this journal.

The independent journalist assured that “the neighborhood responded.  People protested and confronted the police” about the violence used against these women and children, he said.

According to Rojas, some neighbors were putting together a letter which they would hand to the Communist Party as a form of protest.

The women had moved into that house with their children a few weeks ago.  The house had been given first to another family which declined it due to the horrible conditions it was in.

The police operation around the evicted home continued this Wednesday morning.

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