A Mother’s Desperate Plea for the Life of Her Arbitrarily Jailed Daughter

Idania Yanez

The mother of Idania Yanez Contrera expressed her profound worry about the life of her daughter, praying that people “please get together and do something for her”.  Idania was brutally beaten and jailed on Monday afternoon in the Santa Clara Hospital alongside Antunez, Yris Tamara Aguilera, and Damaris Moya.  No word on them since, except for Damaris who, according to this audio, is back.

Her audio, in Spanish, as uploaded by Berta Antunez, sister of Jorge Luis Antunez (also detained and disappeared) :

My translation/transcription:

“I am the mother of Idania Yanez Contrera.  I am full of pain and very desperate as I reside here with her children.  I sense that something horrible has happened, because the last three times she was detained she has ended up in the Intensive Care Unit.  I feel that this time the same has occurred, look at how long it’s been and she still has not come home.  Three people who were arrested along with her have told me that they destroyed her, that they never thought they’d see so many kicks against a helpless woman.  Damaris (Moya) suffered the same but at least she has already been released and just arrived, alive.  I do not even know if Idania is alive or in what conditions she is in.

My daughter-in-law is helping me take care of Idania’s youngest child, while I am taking care of the other two.  They are here with me and they constantly ask for their mother.  I do not even know what to tell them anymore.  They are also desperate.

I have had no information about Idania since Monday, when they took her.  What I do know is that yesterday, when some of those detained were released, they told me that they really destroyed her.  Today, two others who were released called me and told me that they had never seen so many blows and aggressions against a person.  They punched her in the eye, that I know.  And I repeat, I have the feeling that she is in very serious conditions because during the last 3 arrests she has ended up in the hospital.  Last time, she was taken to the Intensive Care Unit and even had to put on an oxygen mask and serum on her.

I cannot take it anymore.  They are going to kill her, and I simply can’t take it.  I am going to have to go out to the streets.  Let them kill me if they want, I don’t know, but I just can’t withstand anymore.  In the horrible conditions she must be in, I know that they are not going to release her until the bruises go away, but I want to know about her.  They have disappeared her from me.  She was dragged away and beaten from the hospital.  While in the Police Unit they punched her eye, making it swell.  In addition, the beatings have been savage and far too much.  Three men have told me that the way they beat her, not even a man could take it.

I want to know about my daughter.  I need to do something for her, I need help for her.  She has three children.  I am her mother and I am desperate! Please do something for her!”


We must demand the immediate release of all of Cuba’s political prisoners!

A Mother’s Desperate Plea for the Life of Her Arbitrarily Jailed Daughter

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