One Million Signatures for the Freedom of Press and the Respect of Human Rights in Cuba

Esperanza Aguirre

We must express our most energetic protest against the communist regime which rules over the Cuban island, and demand freedom for all political prisoners who reside behind the bars of Cuban cells for fighting for freedom and against the tyranny and totalitarianism“, were the words of the President of the Madrid Community- Esperanza Aguirre- this past 10th of October (date of the Cry of Yara) during an event held n Madrid.  The public reunion sought to commemorate the patriotic date while also creating awareness of the situation which political prisoners are going through inside the island.  The activity was assisted by dozens of former political prisoners, in their majority from the Group of the 75 of the Black Spring, now exiled in Spain.

One of the main purposed of the gathering was to exhibit a replica of a Cuban jail cell, demonstrating the inhumane conditions which hundreds of Cubans are forced to live in only for publicly resisting the Castro dictatorship.  The other purpose was to publish a letter- Aguirre’s own idea- which has a goal of obtaining one million signatures, and which demands the respect of the press and the respect of human rights in Cuba.

Since that same day, over 500 people have added their names to the list.  Many of the signatories are former Cuban political prisoners, Cuban activists, or Cuban exiles, but it must also be noted that many non-Cubans who have joined the cause of achieving a free Cuba have signed as well, in a moment where international solidarity is crucial for Cuba.  Whether you are Cuban or not, you can sign the petition by clicking this link.


(Below is the text for the letter which demands freedom for Cuba):

We seek to gather one million signatures in demand for the FREEDOM OF PRESS and RESPECT OF HUMAN RIGHTS in CUBA.

The objective of this campaign is to mobilize all the enthusiasm possible, because we need all available and willing voices to work together to achieve that rights be respected for all Cubans.

One million signatures is an ambitious goal, but we are certain that we will find the backing we need to achieve it.  When any fundamental right is violated in any part of the world, we are all, in turn, less free- despite where in the world it occurs and against whoever it is.

The campaign was launched this past 10th of October by the President of Madrid Community, Esperanza Aguirre Gil de Biedma in the Berlin Park of Madrid where the remains of the Berlin Wall- the wall of shame- are on display.


One Million Signatures for the Freedom of Press and the Respect of Human Rights in Cuba

One thought on “One Million Signatures for the Freedom of Press and the Respect of Human Rights in Cuba

  1. mIA says:

    I am an AmericaN, and we belive in ZERO tolerant!! Now, tell me why are these people condemed in a Cuban Cell ?
    So, they say that they are political prisoners and who says they are not?
    A law is a law and when it is broken it has consequences here or there and you have to do your time no matter what.. Stop blaming the country or the party for there crime. Coruption comes in many ways and even IN my country if you look close enough you will find it , but its just covered with frosting and a big cheery on top.

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