Government ‘Supporter’ Tries to Instigate Luis Felipe Rojas and his Family

Luis Felipe Rojas, independent blogger and activist from San German, Holguin, denounced on the morning of Tuesday, October 18th that a neighbor, last name Gragna, carried out various provocations against him and his family.  According to Rojas, Gragna’s attitude is nothing new, for he has been carrying out this instigation for various days, trying to provoke the independent writer.  “In this specific case, Gragna crossed the line because he was directing himself towards my 70 year old mother-in-law with very obscene words.  And he did the same thing to my wife and my son who was home at the time,” explains Rojas, adding that when these insults are being shouted only at him, it is something he can handle easily, but when the aggressions and threats are directed towards his family, then the situation starts to change.

This person continued to shout obscene words, and supposed offenses the opposition and directly against me, calling me a ‘counter-revolutionary‘”.  But for the author of ‘Crossing the Barbed Wire’ such a term is not offensive at all.  “I’ve always said, if being a revolutionary means being like Fidel Castro, then yes I am definitely a counter-revolutionary, because I am completely opposed to his ideas and his actions towards this country, for he has enslaved us all“, declares Rojas.

As far as Gragna, what is known is that he is retired and “a supporter of the government and also serves as an auxiliary to the political police“.  He also spent time in prison as a common criminal and now employs his time in heading repudiaiton operations, such as those frequently carried out against the home of Luis Felipe.

I know they will continue their provocation attempts“, warns Rojas, “on Monday, October 17th, a young man on the street began shouting ‘offenses’ against me, as well, because of my opposition to the government“.

Anything that may happen to me or my family, I am holding State Security and the political police accountable, as well as lieutenant Saul Vega, political police official from San German, who on various occasions has affirmed that he will take me to prison, as have other officers in Holguin“, the activist denounces.

Luis Felipe Rojas carries out excellent independent journalism reports throughout the island, although he faces large obstacles such as the high costs of publishing Twitter messages, the restrictions which keep him from moving freely throughout his own country, and the strict internet controls for people like him.  Despite a massive censorship operation, Rojas has been able to cross those barbed wires set up throughout the island by those in power, giving a voice to those who are repressed through photos, publications, and other reports.  And, perhaps it is because of these very signs of freedom that the uniformed agents feel so threatened, having to resort to intimidation and oppression to achieve their cynical objectives, although as time passes, their operations to silence the voices of those who have chosen to be free and who refuse to bend, have failed more and more each time.

Government ‘Supporter’ Tries to Instigate Luis Felipe Rojas and his Family

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