The Oppressors of Antunez End Up Hurting Themselves, October 13th

(Thursday, October 13th 2011)- Jorge Luis Garcia ‘Antunez’ was harassed by Cuban political police officials in Placetas, only that this time their repressive techniques backfired on them, seeing as they hurt themselves during the aggressions.

It happened while Antunez was going to run an errand with his father in the same street of his neighborhood in Placetas.  “During the past few days, and due to the fury of the police officials because I found a way around their circle of vigilance last week when I went to the home of Sara Marta Fonseca in Havana, they have been constantly keeping an eye on me”.  But despite this aggressive vigilance, the dissident and his father decided to leave the house anyway.  When they were about to arrive to their destination- where they were simply going to get a fuse to fix a broken speakerphone- they were intercepted by uniformed police agents.

Antunez recounts that it was during this moment that the “physical aggression began, though I refused the arrest, considering I had not committed a single crime.  In fact, I was still in my own block, and they had warned me not to leave my block“.  His father responded by telling the officials that his son had not done anything wrong in order to provoke the arrest, and if they were going to detain him, they would have to get through him first.  The officers paid no attention and continued to try and handcuff Antunez.  “It was during these forceful actions that a police officer attempted to kick me, but missed and ended up hurting his own leg, falling down to the floor in pain“.

The fallen cop’s partner paid no attention to this and continued the attempt to handcuff the dissident.  “My father demanded to know how it was possible that these officials be so corrupt, and he was the one who- ironically- helped up the one on the floor“.

Both father and son were able to return home without an arrest, but during afternoon hours of that same day, Antunez denounced that his house remained “heavily surrounded by government officials, now in larger quantities, with their police vehicles and Suzuki motorcycles“, proving that, “the political police feels terror in the face of dissidents- those who promote and carry out civic resistance and civil disobedience“.

The Oppressors of Antunez End Up Hurting Themselves, October 13th

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