The Virgin of Charity, and One Year for Pedazos

I would like to transmit my best wishes to all those readers who are Cuban,on the day of the Virgin of Charity, patron of all Cubans.  For many years, “Cachita” (as we Cubans refer to her) has been the guiding light for a people who suffer under repression and desperation.  For those outside of the island, she gives us hope, assuring us that one day soon we will return (and in the case of the younger generations, that one day soon we will be able to physically see our homeland).  For those inside the island she is a symbol of a better future, of changes, and a symbol which strengthens the resistance.

In addition to this important date, it is also the 1 year anniversary of this blog.  To all those who have read it, who have contributed, left comments, have agreed to interviews, or shared the link with others, thank you very much.

As you all know, this blog is dedicated to those who fight from inside, as well as those who had to leave.  It is a tribute to those who are still in the struggle, as well as to those who are no longer with us.  It is for those who,with white hairs of old age, keep fighting for a free Cuba, and for the youth inside the island which risk it all to achieve a better future, not only for them, but for their entire country.  This blog is also a tribute to my family, my parents, and especially my grandmother, who taught me nearly everything I know about Cuba.

For them, and for all the other “pieces” of our island, this blog will continue in full swing, publishing Cuban stories and denouncing what happens to our brothers in Cuba.

Our day is very near.

-Raul Garcia

September 8th, 2011

(I also want to point out that we should pay very close attention to our brothers inside the island today.  It has been reported that various Ladies in White in Eastern Cuba will assist the sanctuary of the Virgin of Charity to pay tribute to our patron saint.  We will be watching.)

The Virgin of Charity, and One Year for Pedazos

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