Raul Castro is Responsible for This

Members of the Patriotic Union of Cuba in Palma Soriano captured images of the attacks carried out against them this past Sunday- this time, political police officials fired tear gas on the home of Mario Antomarchi Rivero, where dozens of dissidents were congregated.  Also in the house was a 2 year old girl.  Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia condemned the acts of brutality as they were occurring last Sunday, but the video has now been published:

The website “Net for Cuba” also published photos of the aftermath of a forceful entry into this same house.  Varios dissidents had sent out urgent Twitter messages in which they detailed that anti-riot troops stormed into the town of Palma Soriano with weapons.  The soldiers went directly to the house of Antomarchi, as if it was a terrorist they were after. Along with the small child in the house, there was also an elderly woman.  Here are the scars left behind by the Castro dictatorship:

It’s no secret that the main culprit of so much violence and intolerance is no one other than the dictator of the country, as former political prisoner Jose Daniel Ferrer makes very clear in his Twitter account:

jdanielferrer jose daniel ferrer:

This humble family suffered an assault by assault brigades sent by Raul Castro; they shattered everything inside the house.

jdanielferrer jose daniel ferrer:

#cuba Raul Castro is main culprit of the assaults, beatings, and robbery carried out by henchmen in Eastern Cuba.

Raul Castro is Responsible for This

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