Castro’s Repressive Squads Use Violence on Themselves…by Mistake.

Amid their rage and intolerance against peaceful (and just) dissent, agents of the Cuban government’s repressive squads have mistakenly beaten each other during their mission to attack members of the opposition.

It happened this past Monday, August 8th when various dissidents were on their way to visit their injured compatriot- Ernesto Carrera- who was savagely attacked with a machete recently by the dictatorship’s agents of repression and who currently languishes in a hospital.  Upon arriving on the scene, government police officials did not notice that there were also undercover agents on the scene, dressed as civilians and also beating the dissidents.  Their instinct was to beat everyone on site.

Marc Masferrer over at ‘Uncommon Sense‘ has more:

“The Castro dictatorship gives itself a beatdown”

The Castro dictatorship and its goons are experts at repression, but being Castroites and communists, they don’t always get it “right,” as was evidenced Monday night outside a hospital in Guantanamo.

A group of dissidents had visited human rights activist Ernesto Carrera, who is recovering from injuries suffered when a Castroite goon last week attacked him with a machete. As they were leaving, they were greeted by a “rapid response brigade” — one of the regime’s favorite weapons — ready to deliver the pain.

A few moments later, however, a military truckload of uniformed police officers arrived.

They got out of the truck and armed with sticks and batons, they started the beatings.

Except it was the brigadistas, not the dissidents, who bore the brunt of the attack.

“Many repressors were hospitalized,” said dissident activist Eliécer Aranda Matos. “They were dressed in civilian clothes, and the police did not recognize them.”

Incompetence is a hallmark of the Castro dictatorship, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the goons would get it wrong.

But for at least one night, justice was served.

Castro’s Repressive Squads Use Violence on Themselves…by Mistake.

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