No Justice for Adolescent Murdered by Ex Political Police Officer

This video was published on and was taken by Alfredo Fernandez Silva, an activist in Cuba who is also president of the November 30 Democratic Frank Pais Party.  Unfortunately, there is not an English-subtitled version available, but in the video one can see and hear the pain of a humble family that has lost their 14 year old son to a ruthless act of violence committed by a former political police official on the island.  As it has been reported during the last few weeks, the young victim’s name was Angel Izquierdo Medina.

Medina had walked into the farm of Amado Interian, a retired political police official, with his 17 year old cousin.  The young boys decided that they wanted to snatch a mamonsillo fruit from one of the trees.  As Izquierdo climbed up, Interia swung his door open and fired his revolver at Angel, who died minutes after.  In the days to follow, there was a wake and burial for the victim.  Various reports told of hundreds of friends, relatives, and neighbors assisting the wake, in addition to the repressive presence of State Security agents which appeared after various mourners began to protest this violent injustice.

In the video above, various dissidents are interviewing relatives of Angel, specifically his mother, Raiza, his aunt, and his young cousin who accompanied him at the moment of the assassination.  Also present are family friends and neighbors.  Clearly and understandably affected by the pain of losing one’s son, Raiza, and others, demand that there be justice for Angel Izquierdo.  Also, some of those present share testimonies about the murderer- Amado Interian- who they assure has always been a violent man.  One account even describes how he chased a man down one day and shot his legs, telling the suffering person “now you won’t be able to run anymore”.

As is common practice for the Cuban dictatorship, they have already released their twisted and false version of the cold blooded murder.  Official reports are stating that the young Izquierdo died of natural causes- specifically of Anemia.  Meanwhile, Amado Interian has not been brought to justice, and has never been for his previous crimes.  Considering the violent nature of the Cuban dictatorship, chances are he will not be accused any time in the future.  But the family demands otherwise.

Laritza Diversent has been one of the journalists/bloggers (and lawyer) reporting about this case, both on her blog and via her Tweets.  She is also present in the video, sitting by Raiza and interviewing the pained relatives and friends.  Recently, Diversent published another  post on her blog detailling the pain of the Izquierdo family and their demands that justice be served.  Here’s her text:

Family Members of Teenager Killed by Ex-Police Official Demand Justice

Raiza Medina claims justice for the death of her son Ángel Izquierdo Medina, a black teenager of 14, who died this last July 15, after having been shot by a retired police official.

According to Ismael Suarez Herc, 17, eyewitness of the events and he victim’s cousin, who was climbing a mamoncillo tree when Amado Interian, alias “el Pinto,” an ex-police official, fired his 45 caliber revolver. He reached for his left buttock. The teenager was still breathing when he fell. Minutes later he died.

The news affected the capital town of Mantilla, Arroyo Naranjo. Hundreds of people gathered outside the clinic in the town where the teenager’s body was first taken, and in chorus shouted “murderer.” Forensic medicine certified the cause of death as acute anemia.

At the wake, in the Mauline funeral home, over 400 people attended. The funeral was held in the afternoon the next day, at the Colon cemetery. State Security troops, in civilian clothes, were in the farewell to Izquierdo Medina. Although protests were reported, no arrests were made.

The farm where the incident occurred is located in Las Lajas, Mantilla, a neighborhood on the edge of the Arroyo Naranjo municipality, in Havana. It has a predominantly black, low income population with a high dangerousness index. Suarez Herce affirms that they crossed through there to take a dip in the Abelardo dam, in Calvario.

Interian, was head of the police sector in various localities of Arroyo Naranjo, the poorest and most violent municipality in Havana. Neighbors and relatives of the victim described him as an angry man with a short fuse.

They say he killed two people and caused several injuries with his weapon. An unofficial source told Raiza, Medina Izquierdo’s mother, that a man, approximately 60, said he acted in self defense.

As of now his whereabouts are unknown. Witnesses said he was detained by police. However, some in the area say he ran away and others that he hung himself. The authorities have given no details.

Relatives and neighbors of the victim suspect the police are looking for excuses not to prosecute him, and they are demanding justice for the death of Angel Izquierdo Medina, that it not go unpunished.

No Justice for Adolescent Murdered by Ex Political Police Officer

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