Angel Moya on Repression in Cuba: “We are Urgently Calling Upon the International Community”

Angel Moya, former political prisoner from the group of the 75, narrates how he was recently detained just for trying to get to a reunion being held by the Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Civic Resistance and Civil Disobedience Front.  Moya also warned that while the Cuban government continues losing control, they will increase their physical violence and repression against the Cuban people.

This Saturday July 16th, there was supposed to be a reunion of the Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Civic Resistance and Civil Disobedience Front at the house of Jorge Luis Garcia “Antunez” in Placetas.  As we all know very well, various activists who were on their way to the meeting were confronted and impeded by political police officials while the home of Antunez was surrounded by more than 200 armed officials.  Both repressive events inspired Antunez, along with his wife Yris Tamara Perez, and other activists from the National OZT Front to convoke a “pots and pans protest, which they successfully carried out at 9 pm on Sunday, July 17th”.

One of the human rights activists who was impeded by force from arriving to the reunion was the former political prisoner of conscience Angel Moya.  The dissident explains that he was invited, along with other activists, to take part in organizing a “national march in favor of Cuba’s  freedom and in honor of the fallen dissidents Boitel and Zapata.  The objectives of this march is to make the Cuban government respect, promote, and publish the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and that all its articles get ratified.  Second, that the repression against the opposition and the overall Cuban people cease.  And lastly, that the Cuban government free all political prisoners, without deportation“.

Since various members from diverse resistance groups were attempting to travel to Placetas and since it was publicly announced that they would have a meeting, Angel Moya explains that “State Security had already set up a strong operation a few days in advance, using specialized and combined forces from the Special Police Brigade, elements from State Security, members from the National Police, and criminals at the service of the Cuban government“.  It was around 7:30 in the morning when the ex prisoner, along with other dissidents- Raul Risco Perez, Ramon Velazquez Toranzo, Jose Diaz Fleitas, and “four other brothers from Cienfuegos“- were near the house of Antunez and were all arrested by the combined forces.  “In the case of Raul Risco, Jose Fleitas, and myself, we were taken to the dungeons of a criminal investigations unit located in Santa Clara“, narrates Moya, adding that as of the time of this interview, he did not know where Toranzo or the other 4 Cienfuegos activists were being held, as they had not yet been released.  “Fleitas and I were later taken to the police unit of Alamar, in Havana, in a police car- handcuffs and all“, while Risco was taken to Camaguey instead.

When Moya and Fleitas arrived to Havana, it was already well into 2 in the morning.  They had spent an entire day imprisoned just for trying to get to a meeting.  “They left us in Alamar for a while, a State Security official interrogated us, and then we were released“, recalls Moya.  “It is also important to point out the solidarity on behalf of other dissidents in Cuba, among them Guillermo Farinas, Diosdado Gonzalez Marrero, his wife, and various others who had decided to stand outside different police units to demand our freedom“.  These decisions taken by various members of the opposition constitute another success achieved through methods of civic resistance and civil disobedience.  According to Moya, “This kind of response, which our dissident brothers were going to initiate, is very important.  If it wasn’t for that, the Cuban government would have not released us“.

Angel Moya assures that he, and all other fellow dissidents from the internal resistance, will keep on fighting.  “I want to add that since the Cuban government has nothing which they can give the Cuban people, they are losing control more and more each day.  And every day, more everyday Cubans are joining the opposition“, declares the dissident from the group of the 75, although he warns about a grave danger, “This means that as the government starts losing control, they will increase the repression, even incorporating more acts which are qualified as cruel, inhumane, and degrading“.  Moya does not rule out the possibility that the dictatorship’s forces will use disappearances and assassinations (in greater quantity), pointing out one of the most recent cases which snatched the life of dissident Juan Wilfredo Soto Garcia.  “That is why we are urgently calling on the international community so that they monitor and keep a close watch over the situation in Cuba“,  stresses the activist.  “It is very important for the international community to assume this position, so that it is known what the henchmen- Raul Castro and his brother Fidel Castro- are doing, and so that they don’t act without impunity.  It would represent a grand support for us, that the international community not forget about those detained, and those accused just for political reasons in Cuba“.

Angel Moya on Repression in Cuba: “We are Urgently Calling Upon the International Community”

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