Angel Izquierdo Medina: 14 year old Killed by Former Cuban Police Official

On the night of Friday, July 15th, the independent journalist/blogger Laritza Diversent published a series of Twitter messages in regards to the cruel assassination of a 14 year old, Angel Izquierdo Medina, on behalf of a retired Cuban police official known as Amado Interian.  Interian shot Angel with his revolver after the 14 year old was trying to take a few mamoncillo fruits from his tree.  Laritza reports that, as is expected, the family of the young Izquierdo Medina is devastated, that the wake was also extremely difficult for all of the victim’s friends and family, and also that State Security agents took over the wake because many of those present had said they wanted to protest.  Now, the question is:  Will justice be served for the assassin?  Difficult goal, considering that the Cuban dictatorship uses the same exact tactics…

Here is the post about this situation written by Laritza, who was present and the wake, and published in her blog:

Adolescent is killed in Havana for Wanting to Eat a Mamonsillo Fruit

Since the afternoon of July 15th, the town of Mantilla, located in the outskirts of Havana, has been shocked by the death of Angel Izquierdo Medina, a 14 year old black adolescent who was killed by a bullet through his femoral artery, fired by Amado Interian, a retired Cuban police officer.

According to relatives of the victim, three kids (among them Angel), went in to the farm of the former police in an attempt to get some mamonsillo fruits from his tree.  When the former officer surprised them, he fired his gun twice.  Before retiring, Interian was the police chief of the area and he had a license which allowed him to carry firearms.

Final goodbyes to the body of the minor took place in the Mauline funeral home, at the entrance of the Santa Amalia neighborhood.  More than 500 people attended the wake; the majority of them were classmates, shocked by the news, along with professors and neighbors.

“My God, he was my son’s age, and just for a childish prank, only an extremist can do something like that”, one of the attendees declared amid tears as she walked by the coffin.

State Security agents, dressed as civilians, took over the funeral home because the grieving friends and relatives had threatened to protest.  At around 12 midnight, there were reports of incidents occurring but not arrests.  The burial was held on Saturday July 16th at 2 pm in the Colon Cemetery.

Mantilla is a peripheral neighborhood of Havana, with a population of low-income residents and high rates of dangerousness.  It belongs to the municipality of Arroyo Naranjo, the poorest and most violent municipality of the capital.

As of yet, we do not know if the former police officer will be sentenced or taken to trial for the death of the adolescent.  As is habitual in Cuba, when crimes  such as these occur the government-run media prefers to keep quiet and not report the facts.

Laritza Diversent

Angel Izquierdo Medina: 14 year old Killed by Former Cuban Police Official

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