“Terror is the main instrument used by the regime”- Jose Daniel Ferrer

Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia narrates how the Castro regime has been increasingly using violence, repudiation, and censorship against anyone who stands up against them.

From it’s very beginnings the Castro brother dictatorship has used terror against those who dissent, and against the population in general.  And this tactic never remained solely in the past.  In recent times, we have seen how more and more repression has been unleashed throughout all the provinces of the country, and in the past few weeks there has been an incessant oppressive operation against opposition members in the Eastern region of the island.  The hunger strike of Jorge Cervantes Garcia (which has now concluded) inspired dozens of Eastern dissidents to peacefully take to the streets and protest and display solidarity with him.  But it also “inspired” political police agents, and agents of the G2, to practice ruthless violence against any form of non-conformity under the orders of the revolution’s “commanders”.

In addition to the physical violence, the arrests, and all the raids which representatives of Cuba’s dictatorship carry out, they have also been applying severe measures of censorship.  On Wednesday, June 28th, the former political prisoner of conscience, Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia, who is a resident of the Eastern city of Palmarito de Cauto, used his limited Twitter messaging service to inform that his cell phone had been blocked by the government-sponsored telecommunications company, CUBACEL.  After various attempts, we were able to establish communication with the dissident through another phone number.  Ferrer explained that blocking phone lines has always been a method utilized by the Castro brothers in an attempt to stop the free flow of information, impeding important reports of repression from quickly coming to light.   And from the moment Ferrer was released from prison he has become an excellent Twitter-reporter, using 140 character messages to inform people around the world about countless crimes being committed by the authorities of the country against peaceful dissidents and everyday Cubans.  For this reason, he explains, his telephone line was blocked, though this action will not keep him from sharing his reports and denouncing the crimes.

Jose Daniel Ferrer narrates, “As part of the repressive crack down used by the Castro brother’s political police in this Eastern part of the country, on Sunday June 26th two violent mob repudiation attacks were organized against two dissident families from Palma Soriano“.  The first of these acts occurred in the home of the couple Aime Leyva and Julio Ballester located in the Calixto Garcia Street.  There were various Ladies in White and Ladies in Support inside the house at the time, as well as various men.  “The mobs threw rocks, threw eggs, scratched the walls, shouted offenses, screamed, and really just did whatever they felt like doing.  Lazaro Agustin Alonso and his brother bravely stood between the members of the Rapid Response Brigades and the women being harassed inside the house.  The women ended up getting hit by these people who support the Castro regime.  They were hit badly, they were thrown on the floor, they were kicked,” recounts Ferrer.

Some of the names of the women victims are Maritza Sanchez, Vivian Pena Hernandez, Nelsa Fernandez Fonseca, and Adriana Nunez Pascual, “they had eggs thrown at them, were hit, and spit on,” explains Jose Daniel, continuing, “and there were also 4 arrests- Yelena Napoles, Yuvisleidis Olivares, Marielena Matos, and Adnia Alegre“.  All the women who were arrested were taken to police units, where they spent nearly the entire day.  Outside the home of Yelena Napoles, one of the arrested, another intense repressive operation was taking place.  “They began with a mob repudiation attack, shouting slogans in favor of the Castro regime, cursing the dissidents, defaming them, and eventually throwing rocks at the house,” details Ferrer Garcia.  And as tends to occur in the Cuba ruled by the Castros, the oppressors attempted to incriminated patriotic symbols at the hands of the dissidents, when it is known that such symbols belong to all Cubans, despite their ideology.  “The members of the mob tried everything possible to snatch the Cuban flag being held up by three dissidents inside the house“.

Jose Daniel continues his narration, explaining that “these repressive actions organized by the political police were set in motion in an attempt to impede a peaceful march which was to be carried out by the previously mentioned women along Maceo Street, one of the main streets of Palma Soriano.  It was going to be a march where all participants were going to be wearing white and it would coincide with a protest carried out by Cuban exiles in Spain, in front of the Cuban embassy, for the sake of defending the life of Jorge Cervantes Garcia who had been on hunger strike for 4 weeks“.  Cervantes Garcia ceased his hunger strike after Cuban authorities told him he was going to be exiled to Spain, where his brother Agustin resides.

Ferrer reiterates that such violent acts have been increasingly occurring, noting that this past 23rd of June “an agent following orders of the political police fractured three ribs on the peaceful activist Amado Verdecia Diaz“, while just a few days before, during Fathers Day on June 19th, “a member of the Rapid Response Brigade named Roberto Gomez attacked peaceful dissident Wildo Saguierre Fuentes with a machete.  He chopped at him three times with his machete- once on the arm, the other on the hand of the same arm, and the third which amputated a piece of his pinky finger on his right hand.  This man, who operates under orders and provocations of the political police, has been going around saying that he already used his machete against a dissidents and that there are still a few others he needs to use it on“.  Other cases, which have been reported by Ferrer through his Twitter account, include that of Amaury Abelenda and Leonardo Rico who had a gun pointed at them by a San Luis city official, as well as reports which point out that doctors and nurses from the Santiago Provincial Hospital are being used to participate mob repudiation acts against dissidents who showed support for Cervantes while he was on strike.  “This is part of the mechanism being implemented by the political police throughout all of Cuba in order to terrorize peaceful dissidents and the population in general,” explains Jose Daniel.  “They know that, each day, the people are more and more unhappy and terror is the main instrument used by the regime to try and paralyze that growing discontent“.

Once again, Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia pointed out that censorship was being used as a method of control.  He pointed out that when everyday Cubans travel down roads and highways throughout the country, the telephone communication is very weak, making it very difficult to make or receive calls.  Despite this, dissidents like Jose Daniel continue reporting what they suffer, as well as what the rest of their compatriots suffer.

“Terror is the main instrument used by the regime”- Jose Daniel Ferrer

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