The Resistance Achieves Another Victory but Assures they Will Keep Fighting

Each passing day the resistance in Cuba has been winning battles against the Castro dictatorship.  Despite the fact that, obviously, the media within the island does not report any of these events, there are countless amounts of dissidents throughout the country that demand their rights be respected and many times the regime has no other option but to give in.  Yesterday it was reported that Yris Tamara Perez Aguilera ceased her hunger strike because she was visited by authorities who cancelled the absurd house arrest she was being subjected to.  It seems  that now she will be able to find a neurologist that will treat her (assuming that she will not be intercepted by the political police again).

Via Twitter of antunezcuba Jorge Luis Garcia: (translation)

 4:45pm, henchmen of the tyranny gave in to the courage of Yris and came to annul the prohibition of movement.#cuba

The battle won by Yris: A clear example of what can be done, unity, solidarity, and decision.#cuba

3 days of hunger, pain, hypoglucemia complications, and danger of death for Yris was necessary in order to recuperate the right she was demanding.#cuba

There is still much more to be done, and the situation Yris is facing is still very worrying.  She is suffering from various serious health problems caused by the beating she received at the hands of the political police.  But one thing is certain: the dictatorship has demonstrated that it greatly fears the resistance.

The Resistance Achieves Another Victory but Assures they Will Keep Fighting

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