Antunez: “Yris persists on her decision to maintain her hunger strike”.

The following is the transcribed text of an audio which Antunez shared with this blog in which he details the worrying situation which his wife, Yris Tamara Perez Aguilera, is facing as product of a brutal beating given to her by political police officials and the hunger strike she has decided to carry out.  Yris decided to initiate the strike as a form of protest not only against the unjust physical aggression against her but against the fact that the dictatorship’s authorities have denied her medical attention, despite knowing that her health has been gravely affected.  The reason for denying her medical attention?  She and her husband are a dissident couple and neither of them give in to the demands ot the dictatorship.


“Since this past Monday (June 20th) my wife Yris Tamara Perez decided to initiate a hunger strike to demand that her right to freedom of movement and her right to receive medical attention be respected.  She needs this medical attention because of the serious aftereffects produced by the beating given to her by political police officials on May 25th while she participated in a peaceful march together with other activists in commemoration of Pedro Luis Boitel’s assassination.

Since Yris needed medical attention we decided to travel to the city of Havana so that she be treated by a neurologist, seeing as she was suffering from serious symptoms like dizziness, vertigo, space and time disorientation, some amnesic lapses, the numbing of her extremities, as well as a strong pain in the spot where she was hit.  On Saturday we were arrested in Havana’s Parque Central area while we were finishing up attempts to find a doctor and we were deported back to our town of Placetas.  Yris was not able to visit a neurologist.

My wife had not other option but to declare herself on hunger strike.  As of right now she has maintained the strike and is already feeling the effects.  Her glucose levels have been dropping, she feels weak, etc.  Today, on June 22nd, in the afternoon the authorities sent a medical commission headed by General Specialist and Municipal Health Director Dr. Yamilet Perez Figal, who was accompanied by Dr. Coralia Garcia and Dr. Maria Dell.  These people were sent to my house to serve as thermometers for the authorities.  In other words, they wanted to know what the current situation of Yris was to see how much longer she could keep it up, and to see how here health was at the moment.

Yris persists on her decision to maintain her hunger strike.  I really would rather have her not continue it.  Yris Tamara could die from this hunger strike.  But she could also die due to the lack of medical attention she is receiving and all the oppression exercised against her.  Yris continues demanding that her freedom of movement be respected and that she receive adequate medical care for the ailments she is suffering from caused by those political police officials; those same officials which tried assassinating her this past 25th of May.

From Placetas,
Jorge Luis Garcia Perez ‘Antunez'”

Antunez: “Yris persists on her decision to maintain her hunger strike”.

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