Update on Jorge Cervantes Garcia (06/17/11)

Today, June 17th 2011, Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia has just published a few Tweets in which he informs about the worsening situation of the dissident hunger striker Jorge Cervantes Garcia.

jdanielferrer jose daniel ferrer:

Prisoner Jorge Cervantes continues his hunger strike.  Relatives and more than 20 dissidents from Santiago de Cuba demand his freedom outside the hospital

Outside the Santiago Hospital, various dissidents who showed support for the family of the prisoner Jorge Cervantes who is on hunger strike since May 29th

And also through the Facebook of Agustin Cervantes, brother of Jorge Cervantes, he has published an alarming notice where he states that Odelys Cervantes Garcia, his sister, has been kidnapped by State Security.  Cubans, wherever we are, we cannot allow another Orlando Zapata Tamayo, another Boitel, and another one of the many who have died in their attempt to achieve freedom.  Enough!

Agustin Cervantes’ message (as published on Facebook by also former prisoner Regis Iglesias):

Odelys Cervantes Garcia, sister of Agustin and Jorge Cervantes, has been kidnapped by State Security forces.  About an hour ago, our brother Agustin Cervantes spoke with his mother in Cuba via phone.  Alba Garcia informed that the health of Jorge is even worse now, saying that Jorge finds himself in a narrow spot between life and death.  The doctors continue with their silence, serving as accomplices.  Kenia, the wife of Jorge Cervantes, was threatened again while she was with her two young children.  The rest of the family which arrived from Las Tunas to protest outside the hospital were also threatened.  Kenia told the State Security agents that she will remain outside holding vigil until her husband is freed.  Relatives outside, which await some sort of response, have spent a few days without being able to shower, without eating properly, and they have nowhere to rest in the city of Santiago de Cuba.  This morning, the State Security chief of Santiago, known as Dorqui, showed up to the hospital and told the relatives of Jorge to leave.  After a heated debate, 4 cop cars surrounded the place and violently attacked Kenia, threatening her with denying her custody to her own children.  They also responded in this way against Alba Garcia, mother of the hunger strikers, and his sister Odelys which was kidnapped by the oppressive forces–we do not know where she is.

Note sent by Agustin Cervantes to Regis Iglesias
Christian Liberation Movement

Update on Jorge Cervantes Garcia (06/17/11)

One thought on “Update on Jorge Cervantes Garcia (06/17/11)

  1. Dear friends of Pedazos de la Isla. I just want to thank you that you started this important and so much needed and valuable work. There has been such a big lack of translations of the news about the dissidents and resistance in Cuba. I am responsible for the Swedish and English parts of our webpage, responsible is my husband Guillermo Milán, who manages the Spanish part. Unfortunately I am not enough fluent in English to write or translate well, only at times I try to do it, so I mostly re-publish others work – among them lately yours – and I hope you don’t mind. You don’t sign with author your articles, so I only indicate your blog as publisher. A big big hug and thank you for the quick and professional work you are doing – you will become indispensable for the freedom struggle. It is so important that the english speaking world are informed !!!
    Eva Belfrage

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