Antunez: While the Political Police Watches and Oppresses, the Dissident seeks Medical Attention for his Wife Yris Tamara

Antunez informs us from Havana about his unsuccessful attempt to find medical attention for his wife, Yris Tamara Perez Aguilera, after she suffered a savage beating at the hands of the Cuban political police on May 25th.  To look for a doctor, Antunez and Yris had to leave their hometown of Placetas and travel to Havana, a difficult feat for dissidents like themselves who suffer “home arrests” just for their peaceful activism.

Here’s the report made by Antunez to this blog:

Antunez and his wife, Yris Tamara Perez Aguilera

“There is an absurd and extrajudicial ‘house arrest’ lingering over me, which impedes the majority of my movements because I am arrested countless times in different provinces and regions of the country.  This Wednesday I had to travel to the Cuban capital to the home of the dissident leader Eriberto Liranza Romero with the purpose of finding medical attention for my wife, Yris Tamara Perez Aguilera, who suffered a brutal beating this past 25th of May while she peacefully marched to mark the closing of the Boitel and Zapata Live Protest, and who is still suffering from serious consequences as product of the blows she received on her head.

While we were here in the house of Eriberto located on Cervantes street, during the night of Wednesday going onto Thursday, the entire home was surrounded by political police forces.  I called upon the international community, alerting about this situation in order to prevent any further danger to my wife considering her debilitated state of health and the possibility that she could be beaten again.  Thank God, that although this occurred very late at night, a very strong campaign of solidarity in and out of Cuba formed in support of my wife.  Due to a matter of values, we decided that we would not beg the oppressors which surrounded the house for a pardon or for a chance.  But we did send out a warning about the possible oppression we could face.  Fortunately, thanks to the call for attention and solidarity, we were able to visit a Havana hospital , but Yris Tamara has still not received medical treatment.

I want to point out that today, Thursday the 16th, at the Calixto Garcia National Hospital there was a political police operation which had been following our steps.  Later, we headed to the US Interests Sections to try and inform them of the case of Yris, letting them know that she had still not received medical attention and that we had to remain in the capital until she did receive the adequate care.  Despite this situation, they are not going to wear our spirit of resistance, neither mine, nor that of Yris, Eriberto, or any other of our brothers from the opposition.  We are going to continue confronting terror, fighting for democratic change in Cuba.  I want to thank all the people of goodwill who have joined us in solidarity.  Thank you very much to my Twitter followers, the readers of my blog, and any other supporters of the cause.

There is still a police presence outside this home, and a lamentable event may very well occur against the life of my wife”.

From Parras (Havana),
Residing at the home of dissident leader Eriberto Liranza Romero,
Jorge Luis Garcia Perez “Antunez”

Antunez: While the Political Police Watches and Oppresses, the Dissident seeks Medical Attention for his Wife Yris Tamara

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