SOS: Worrying News from Antunez

Jorge Luis Garcia Perez “Antunez” just published a series of Twitter messages in which he informs about the very delicate and critical health of his wife Yris and how a Castro-sponsored mob is currently following and repressing them at the home of a fellow dissident, Eriberto Liranza.

antunezcubaJorge Luis Garcia (Translation):
SOS: I came to Havana in search of a doctor; Yris is in very bad shape.  The home of Eriberto is surrounded, Yris cannot withstand another beating, I fear they will kill her
SOS: I hope that all people of goodwill will urgently join me in saving the life of my wife, she is in very critical condition as product of a beating #cuba
We are at the home of Eriberto.  There are two small children, Yris is in bed, and I am here, Eriberto’s wife is at a funeral with her grandmother, and outside there is a mob threatening us
Regime’s police brutally beat Yris in the head a few days ago.  She has not recuperated, she needs protections and a doctor URGENTLY #cuba
SOS: Worrying News from Antunez

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