Names and Faces of those who Persecute and Oppress

Once again, Luis Felipe Rojas has published photos of his persecutors.  The blogger, independent journalist, and pro-democratic activist regularly publishes reports, as well as photos and videos, of officials who function under orders from the Cuban regime to oppress the people, using violence and intimidation methods to try and impede Cuban dissidents from peacefully taking to the streets or even from traveling to other cities to try and access the internet or meet with other dissidents.

Here are their names and their faces:

The “persecutors” from left to right and from top to bottom:  Lieutenant Saul Vega, Maikel (“J” from the Social Workers of San German).  Saul with Maikel Rodriguez Alfajarrin (Housing Confrontation Brigade), Saul sitting and ex G2 official, Luis Perez Perez standing; Amaury, a young official and student of- security?  Another operational official, and the last one- a neighbor whose last name is Grana.

In addition to these photos, I highly recommend reading the text which accompanies it, “The Persecutors (Without Other Stories)“, published on his excellent blog “Crossing the Barbed Wire”.

Meanwhile, blogger Yoani Sanchez has decided to also expose photos of the officials which follow her throughout Havana.  Various of these photos will be exhibited in Spain during a photo festival known as  PhotoEspaña.

No matter where they hide, those who repress an entire country can never escape the lens of truth.

Names and Faces of those who Persecute and Oppress

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