Luis Felipe, Farinas Released; Others Remain Detained

Through his Twitter and the Twitter of Marti News, we have been informed that Luis Felipe Rojas has finally been released.  He had been arrested by the political police in Guantanamo yesterday, May 26th, at around 3 in the afternoon, according to his Tweet.  The activist, independent journalist, and blogger frequently gets arrested, as was also witnessed this past Saturday, nevertheless he continues writing for his excellent blog, “Crossing the Barbed Wire“.

Here is his Tweet this morning (translated):

@alambradas Luis Felipe Rojas:

I was deported to my province, Holguin, and released last night.  I just gave details to @martinoticias.  Thanks to all for the concern and solidarity!  

Marti News adds that:


Luis Felipe Rojas said: I was arrested upon arriving to Guantanamo because “my name is on a list of people who are prohibited to visit that region”

Once again, the Cuban regime impedes its own citizens from traveling freely in their own country.

Meanwhile, Marti News also informed (through Twitter) that Guillermo Farinas and the 16 other dissidents who accompanied him in Santa Clara have also been released.

While this is good news, we must remember that, as of now, there are other dissidents who are still detained.  Among them, Jorge Luis “Antunez”, his wife Yris Tamara Perez Aguilera, Idania Yanes, and other activisits from the Rosa Parks Civil Rights Movement.  And among those arrests, there still remains the serious and alarming concern about the life of Yris Perez.  She is a woman who suffers from various health ailments and is therefore in no conditions to be in a jail cell or detained anywhere else.  On May 25th, various dissidents informed that she had been brutally beaten by a police agent known as “The Weightlifter”.  The beating was so savage that Yris actually was knocked unconscience.  Since then, her relatives and colleagues fear for her life, for the authorities have not informed where she is being held.

I strongly recommend reading this report made by the Cuban Democratic Directorate in regards to Yris.

Luis Felipe, Farinas Released; Others Remain Detained

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