Recommended Blog: Mario Felix Lleonart Barroso- “Confessing Cuban”

I recommend the blog written by Pastor Mario Felix Lleonart Barroso, “Confessing Cuban” to everyone.  He writes this blog from his native village of Taguayabon and intends to denounce the reality not only of his town but of the day to day Cuba.

His blog has just been set up in English, and while more translations are yet to come, one of his most recent posts is a must-read.  It’s titled “God Despises Lies” and in it he assures that some relatives of Juan Wilfredo Soto were lowly manipulated by the Cuban government so that they play along with the cynic and macabre game of the Castros as they use lies to try and cover up the death of the dissident.

The harrowing report also includes the stories of other Cubans who have “mysteriously” died, while the majority of day to day people continue believing the government has had something to do with these deaths.

This entry by Mario is also the response to Granma’s publication titled “Cuba Despises Lies”.

Here is his excellent account:

God Despises Lies (Juan Wilfredo Soto Garcia)

The crime committed against Juan Wilfredo Soto Garcia has taken an even more treacherous turn as the assassin, upon trying to dust off another death, has used methods so low like releasing a testimony from his sister Rosa who has suffered from psychiatric disorders since her adolescence. She (Rosa) is a person that is greatly susceptible to being manipulated as has occurred in this burdensome case. Her scarce faculties even prevented her from assisting her own brother’s burial, and she only visited the funeral for a few moments because of her severe nervous imbalance. The government also exercised obvious pressures on Madelin Soto, Juan Wilfredo’s niece, and on her husband Yasmil, using the fact that they economically depend on the State. Madelin is a civil worker for FAR and her husband is a law student and both of these positions are easy targets for pressures, which in this case were successful. But in the case of these two, they did attend both the funeral and the burial. They heard my clear words when I had the opportunity to direct my speech to all those who were present as minister for the service. I publicly stated my testimony about my last interaction with Wilfredo when, after 11 am on Thursday May 5th he informed me about the severe beating he had been subjected to on that same morning. That moment became etched in history after I sent out a Tweet narrating just how dismayed I felt.

To me, what proved his statements to me was his terrible death during the morning hours of that Sunday. Although I spoke clearly at the funeral, neither Madelin or Yasmil even tried to correct me on my “errors”. On the contrary, I greeted all the present relatives with the utmost respect, and they all thanked me for the words, including Madelin. These same relatives had even agreed on having Guillermo Farinas speaking the final words at the cemetery. He also passionately denounced the situation and no one argued against him, the same way that no one forced us to leave the cemetery as they made Rosa say in regards to Wilfredo’s son. But what happened after to Madelin and Yasmil? I can’t assure it, but I strongly believe that we find ourselves before an overly vile and quarrelsome government, and I can’t blame the relatives, although I am strongly disappointed by their highly contradictory behavior.

Continue reading here.

Recommended Blog: Mario Felix Lleonart Barroso- “Confessing Cuban”

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