New Article by Normando Hernandez Gonzalez: “Raul is just as murderous as Fidel”.

A new article written by Normando Hernandez Gonzalez in which he affirms that Raul Castro is just as murderous and despotic as his brother Fidel:

Against the government of Raul Castro, in Favor of the Cuban People
by Normando Hernandez Gonzalez, Cuban ex political prisoner of conscience

Each passing day I am horrified to hear people say that Raul Castro is different from his brother Fidel.  These naive people affirm that the slave master of Cuba is more sentimental.  They base their argument, among other things, on the fact that they saw him cry in the funeral of his wife, Vilma Espin.  Because of  that display of sensibility, some believe that it is possible to negotiate with the youngest of the Castro brothers so that he can lead the country to a democracy.  I am also horrified each time I hear of democratic governments throughout the world which seek to engage with the Cuban oligarchy and do all in their possession to negotiate with them at the expense of the Cuban people. Those who think that with Raul in power things will be different are extremely wrong!

One of the gravest issues which mankind faces is their scarce passive memory.  They have already forgotten the more than 500 executions which Raul Castro ordered in Eastern Cuba during the beginning of the Revolution, most of which were done without having held trials.  They have also forgotten about all the Cubans who have tried to escape his claws and have been massacred by the Frontier Guard Troops (under his command)  in the attempt.  Lost in their memories is also the fact that the current President of the State Council and Ministries, chief of Cuba’s government, and First Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) authorized the use of chemical weapons in the 80’s in Angola which left thousands dead.  We must not lie to ourselves.  Raul is just as murderous as Fidel, and the only thing he cares for is to win some time to die while still in power.

One example of the morbidness of the 4-Star General is the positive image he is trying to spread throughout the world- that facade of spearheading changes in the largest island of the Antilles, when reality is completely the opposite.  If we compare the arbitrary arrests and human rights abuses which have occurred during the first four months of 2011 (January-April: 1166) with the same exact period of time during last year (579) then we can clearly see that it has practically duplicated.

Meanwhile, if we interpret the words he spoke during the Central Report of the VI Communist Party Congress, we can see the incitement to use violence against those who peacefully oppose the government in Cuba, “it is necessary that we make it clear that we will never deny the people their right to defend their Revolution, seeing as the defense of independence, the achievements of socialism, and of our plazas and streets will continue to be the primary duty of all Cuban patriots,” assured Raul Castro.

Those words already claimed their first victim.  The new Cuban martyr is called Juan Wilfredo Soto Garcia.  The dissident and ex-political prisoner (jailed 3 times) died this Sunday, May 8th, as the consequence of a beating carried out by members of the repressive government forces.

“The Student” (as the martyr was nick-named) committed a horrific crime: he was sitting on a bench in the Vidal Park of Santa Clara province, while he was chatting about baseball.  They say that he was handcuffed and that various police officers beat him in a way that provoked his death in a matter of 72 hours in the Arnaldo Milan Hospital.

It can’t be described in any other way than saying that the henchmen of Castro’s regime defend the conquests which Raul Castro mentioned in his report.  If they continue operating in such a fashion, pretty soon Cuban dissidents will not even be able to live in their homes without fear of being lynched inside by the paid assassins of Raul-ism.

Now, we will hear the unjustified justifications of the Cuban Misgovernment.  And then we will see all the medical reports which assure that 46 year old Juan Wilfredo died as consequence of any sort of illness he suffered from, all except the kicks which led him to join the ranks of those who will always be remembered for defending the freedom and rights of an entire nation.

The truth is that the former member of the Central Opposition Coalition, and also of the United Anti-Totalitarian Forum is yet another deceased Cuban who yearns for justice in the face of passive democratic governments, like the European Union (EU) which seeks an improvement of ties with the regime of Havana.  It would be a good idea to exhort the EU’s High Representative for Exterior Issues and Security, Baroness Catherine Ashton, to take note of the most recent assassination carried out by the Cuban State, so that she could reflect this in the report she must present to the rest of the EU’s members.

It is also important to exhort the EU countries to implement mechanisms aimed at protecting Cubans so that, through their right to exercise their freedoms, they can work in favor of coexisting with all those who also desire freedom and democracy.

There is a certain question I ask myself, and also ask the readers:  if the Libyan government is condemned for all the barbaric crimes it commits against its people, then why can’t the government of Cuba be condemned for treacherously assassinating their dissidents?

Democratic governments, politicians, intellectuals, artists, and any person of goodwill in the world will have the final word:  Against the government of Raul Castro, in Favor of the Cuban People.

New Article by Normando Hernandez Gonzalez: “Raul is just as murderous as Fidel”.

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