Antunez: The Cuban Regime gives in to Pressure from the Opposition

Two days ago, Antunez reported from Cuba about the case of Gladys Espinosa Perez- the Cuban mother who is infected with HIV and who has been living in a cattle stable with her 5 year old daughter in the outskirts of Placetas.  For a long time, the Cuban regime denied her medical attention and adequate housing.

Antunez declared that the Orlando Zapata Tamayo Civic Front and the Rosa Parks Feminist Movement were issuing a warning to the dictatorship:  either they respond with medical attention and provide housing for Gladys or dissidents from  all over Cuba will take to the streets and carry out peaceful protests in favor of the sick mother.  It was a 48 hour deadline.

During afternoon hours of yesterday May 5th 2011, Antunez informed that  just hours before the 48 hour deadline expired, the Castro government found itself forced to intern Gladys in a local Placetas hospital, as well as providing her with housing in which she and her daughter could live in like normal people.

The fact that the government provided these services to the HIV infected Cuba mother does not signify any benevolence or goodwill on their behalf.  Instead, it clearly sends out a different message: the Cuban opposition is successfully pressuring the dictatorship.

Here are the (translated) declarations made by Antunez:

“This Wednesday, we were informing about the deadline established by the Rosa Parks Feminist Movement for Civil Rights which warned that if the regime did not find a just solution for the situation of the young Gladys Espinosa Perez- who is infected with HIV- then there will be actions carried out on a national scale.  These actions would be peaceful protests, and they would be supported the National Front as well.  And today, on the following day, exactly 24 hours after, I am satisfied to report that the Castro-communist authorities had no other option but to give in to these demands just a few minutes before the ultimatum expired.  In this very moment, Gladys has been checked in to the Placetas General Hospital where she will receive medical attention.  And, in addition to this, they have provided her a house, which she will occupy with her daughter in three days.

The success this young woman achieved must be attributed to various factors.  Firstly, to the unselfish and altruistic solidarity and support given to the internal resistance, in this case to the Rosa Parks Feminist Movement and the Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Front.  It must be attributed to the important solidarity we received from our compatriots within the island and abroad.  We have to attribute it to to media outlets such as this one which quickly echoed the situation, reporting not only the pain of Gladys but also the deadline established by the opposition.  And we must also attribute it to the firm posture assumed by Gladys Espinosa, as she did not give in at any moment in the face of so much slander and so many attempts to try and separate and distance her from the opposition movement, as they tried to keep us from helping her.  Thank you to all those people who, in one form or another, contributed to this victory.

This represents what the Front, the Rosa Parks Movement, and the Cuban resistance stand for, and it also displays the important results and change which the opposition is achieving within the population.  It’s very unfortunate that some brothers and colleagues are confronting one another, and it’s unfortunate that some in and out of Cuba are dedicating the time to question our projects and to spark divisions.  Nonetheless, here, in the center of Cuba, we guajiros, as they call us, are in the front lines of combat and we are improving our attacks against the only enemies of freedom: the totalitarian regime.  We want to thank all those people of goodwill around the world for their support.  Let it be clear that all Cubans can count on the Rosa Parks Feminist Movement and the Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Resistance Front.  We will do the same thing we did for this young lady for any Cuban, with the same degree of love, effort, loyalty, and honesty. 

We must point out that this young mother was an active member of the oppressive forces of our country until very recently.  In fact, she was awarded a medal of honor in the republic of Angola.  She was also chief of penal control in a specific prison, and she was expelled from that repressive unit just for choosing to marry someone who had different political beliefs than that of the regime.  Her husband also died of AIDS.  That’s how the regime treats its people, even those who once served them, and that’s a clear lesson of how important it is to once again gain freedom for our nation so there will not be any other Gladys Espinosas, so that hundreds  and hundreds of other people will not have to suffer what this woman suffered.

We are going to continue onward, and I reiterate once again that after all of this, I am sure that there are many others who are suffering like Gladys Espinosa throughout the country.  I uphold and continue to defend my slogan and my conviction, that Jorge Luis Garcia Perez “Antunez” is not leaving Cuba, and is not going to shut up, that we are all resistance, and that the streets belong to the people.

Thank you very much.”

Antunez: The Cuban Regime gives in to Pressure from the Opposition

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