Antunez: The Civic Front and the Rosa Parks Feminist Movement Demand Rights for a Cuban Mother with HIV

Just a few weeks ago when Sara Marta Fonseca Quevedo was brutally beaten and arrested, the Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Resistance Front, headed by the dissident Jorge Luis Garcia Perez “Antunez”, declared that they were establishing a 72 hour deadline for the Cuban regime to free Sara Marta and her family.  According to the declarations made by Sara Marta after being released, the regime felt threatened by such demands and that is why they released her on time.

Now, the Civic Front together with Rosa Parks Feminist Movements for Civil Rights are making another calling to the Cuban government.  This time, it’s in defense of a Cuban mother- Gladys Espinosa Perez- who has been diagnosed with HIV and has no other option but to live in a cattle stable with her 5 year old daughter.  This family is not even linked to the opposition, and they have not even been critical of the regime.  In fact, Gladys Espinosa Perez was a member of the Communist Party until very recently, yet the Cuban regime has not provided her the necessary medical service nor adequate housing conditions.  Both organizations have set a 48 hour deadline so that the government acts.  If not, dissidents will take to the street to demonstrate peacefully and civilly to demand that this woman’s rights are respected.

Jorge Luis Garcia Perez “Antunez” gave this blog some declarations about this situation.

Below is the transcribed and translated text:

“In the city of Placetas, there is a 40 year old woman named Gladys Espinosa Perez who has a 5 year old daughter called Mercedes Espinosa.  This young woman has been diagnosed with the HIV virus for quite some time now.  The Castroite authorities- those same ones who came down from the Sierra Maestra mountains during that dawn of 1959, those same bearded rescuers who brought “social justice” and “racial equality” to the people- have allowed this young lady and her daughter to live in a cattle stable located in the outskirts of Placetas.  That same socialist and progressive government which spends millions on resources are allowing this to happen.  She is left no other option but to drink water from a cattle feeding trough.  On occasions, this woman gets her food from any scraps she can find in the municipal dumpster, while the authorities pay no attention to this.  They (the authorities) have only gone to her house to threaten her to not bring any more dissidents home.  We dissidents had been visiting her to lend our hands to her and provide her with spiritual and material help. 

One of the most shocking things about this case is that this woman, Gladys Espinosa Perez, was a high ranking official within the Ministry of the Interior until recently.  She worked in a prison as the Penal Chief and was also an “internationalist” as they call themselves.  She was an active and militant member of the Communist Party, yet she is now under attack by this situation.  The political police officials of the government and the state, which to me is the same thing, have gone to her house to attempt to discredit the opposition and keep her as far from them as possible, all the while referring to them with slander.  In fact, they have even told her that her relationship with the opposition can very well endanger the life of her young daughter.  Perez responded by saying, “do not forget that at some point I was part of you and that repressive mechanism.  I do know who the human rights people are, and I know very well who you all are”.

A few hours ago, the Rosa Parks Civil Rights Feminist Movement issued a strong declaration where they give the Castro dictatorship a 48 hour deadline to solve the issue of this woman, or if not the opposition members will carry out strong civic and public actions out on the street.  They took their letters full of clamor, demand, and deadlines to various institutions, like the Communist Party and the government itself (among others) and have only received silence for an answer.

I believe that the case of Gladys Espinosa Perez is a representation of a life of inhumanity, lack of principles, and lack of qualms of a regime like the one that rules in Cuba which, far from offering protection to a sick patient and a Cuban, what they really do is intimidate her, talk horrors of the opposition to her, and manipulate her daughter’s situation.  In the name of the Rosa Parks Civil Rights Feminist Movement, the Orlando Zapata National Civic Resistance Front, and the internal opposition, we are making an alert calling to the entire world about this situation, and so that they can be informed on 48 hour deadline which actually expires precisely this Thursday.

And please, we need support from all people of good will throughout the world who are willing to listen and see our situation through this important media outlet, and we also please ask you all to defend this cause as well.  We are not seeking to politicize this situation.  This is an issue which deals with humanity, the common good, and responsibility.  The life of Gladys is in your hands, my reader friend, and also in the hands of those who decide to listen to this audio and in the hands of any human being who displays any sort of human sensibility.  I believe that joining in solidarity with Gladys Espinosa Perez also means to save the life of her daughter and extending her own life as a mother so she could at least leave her daughter as an adolescent when its time for her to leave this earth.  And it also means to condemn the repression exercised by this dictatorship. 

From Placetas,
Jorge Luis Garcia Perez “Antunez”
Former political prisoner for 17 years, Secretary General of the Civic Front
I’m not leaving Cuba, I’m not Shutting up”

Antunez: The Civic Front and the Rosa Parks Feminist Movement Demand Rights for a Cuban Mother with HIV

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