Award for “Cuban Voices from Exile”

This week, it was announced that the blog “Cuban Voices from Exile” was awarded a 2011 Mandala Communication Prize. I think that this news is very positive and also very well deserved. “Cuban Voices from Exile” was the idea of Pablo Pacheco, who was also the author of the blog, “Voices Behind the Bars”, which was written from jail with contributions as well from Pedro Arguelles, Felix Navarro, Adolfo Fernandez, Miguel Galban Gutierrez, and Diosdado Gonzalez, all of whom were political prisoners of conscience from the group of the 75 (Black Spring 2003). Pablo has described this blog perfectly, saying that it served as “the voice of those who had no voice- the political prisoners”. Now, “Cuban Voices from Exile” represents the voice of some ex-prisoners who, although they have been released from jail, now suffer down another difficult path- exile. Pablo Pacheco Avila and Jose Luis Garcia Paneque both manage this new blog, writing almost daily about their realities as exiled Cubans, as well as all their difficult experiences while in jail on the island. Both have faced some serious challenges, and I think this prize will be the first of many. Congratulations to both, and also to Pedro Arguelles, Felix Navarro, Adolfo Fernandez, Miguel Galban, and Diosdado Gonzalez. Their words, sacrifices, and experiences were never in vain.

Award for “Cuban Voices from Exile”

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