Cuban Voices from Exile

We here at “Pedazos de la Isla” would like to give a warm Cuban welcome to one of the newest blogs to grace the Cuban blogosphere- even if it’s written from exile:  Pablo Pacheco’s new blog, “Cuban Voices from Exile“.

As a recently freed man, Pablo Pacheco has launched this new blog to continue writing from exile about all his experiences in jail and about his beloved Cuba.  He has decided to leave his original blog, “Voices from Behind the Bars“, to those prisoners who remain in Cuba- brave men like Pedro Arguelles Moran and Diosdado Gonzalez.  His farewell post on that blog can be read here.

We wish all the luck to Pacheco, though we know it will be a great success- as was (and still is) “Voices Behind the Bars”.  He has extended an invitation to other exiled former political prisoners to contribute to this new blog as well.

Make sure to check it out here:  “Cuban Voices from Exile“.

Cuban Voices from Exile

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