The Price of Being a Free Person in Cuba

Every day, the brave dissident, Marta Beatriz Roque, must witness the grotesque “art” which adorns the hallway to the entrance of her house.  Not to mention, agents of the government’s secret police constantly watch over her home, taking careful note of who goes in and who comes out.

This is the price of being a free person in Cuba.  But Marta has chosen not to bend before so many profane acts of repression.

In this video, she narrates how government-sponsored mobs have vandalized her outdoor hallway, writing messages such as “Terrorist and Mercenary”, “Benefactor of foreign interests”, “Country or Death”, and “Traitor”.  In addition, her neighbors, who take part in the acts of repression carried out against her, daily blast music at top-volume to prevent any meetings from successfully taking place in her living room due to excessive noise.  And as if that was not enough, the government’s henchmen have actually nailed a photo of Fidel Castro adjacent to her door.  This is the first view Marta gets every single morning.

Her response:  writing “Freedom for the country, without death!” right next to her door.

The Price of Being a Free Person in Cuba

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