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Lady in White Suffers an Abortion Due to the Violence of the Cuban Political Police

Lady in White Daymi Vega Biscet lost her six weeks old baby when she was aggressively arrested by agents of the Cuban political police on the afternoon of this past Saturday, February 18th. The Lady in White was on her way to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Charity from her municipality of Palma Soriano to participate in Sunday mass. According to ex-political prisoner Jose Daniel Ferrer, the violent threats from the political police led her to a state of nervousness which induced her abortion.

The arrest took out on the side of the highway  in Palma Soriano,” explained Ferrer Garcia, “the police were determined to prevent her from attending mass,”  which numerous Ladies in White were doing as well on the Sunday.

Ferrer pointed out that when Vega Biscet was taken to local police unit “they (the political police) got her out of the car, and she was frightened by their threats of beating her. Her blood pressure rose and she started vomiting. This led to the loss of the fetus“.

This is yet another case of the numerous crimes committed by the Castro dictatorship, and has occurred  just weeks before the arrival of Pope Benedict XVI to the island.

Jose Daniel Ferrer has not been able to communicate with Daymi Vega to check how she is doing but her husband, Yuniesky Dominguez, did tell Ferrer via text message, “these communist just ripped a piece from me“.


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