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Cuban Exiles to Pay Tribute to the Memory of Vaclav Havel

The Assembly of the Resistance, a coalition of more than 50 pro-democracy organizations inside and outside of Cuba, has announced that they will host a mass in honor of Vaclav Havel, former president of the Czech Republic who passed away during December of 2011.  The mass will take place at 7 PM this Friday January 6th in Corpus Cristi Church, located on 3220 NW 7th Avenue, Miami.

Vaclav Havel was one of the most important democratic leaders of the XX Century.  The persecuted and the oppressed people of the world really appreciate what he would do“, expressed the note published by the Assembly of the Resistance inviting not only exiled Cubans but also any other person who defends freedom and democracy.

Havel was committed to the struggle for freedom and against communism and totalitarianism, as can be seen in the following video where he talks about Cuba, which he explains is a “country that occupies a very special place” for him.


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