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URGENT: State Security prepares mobs to attack Ladies in White in Matanzas

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Since Thursday, July 18th, State Security agents have been visiting a number of work centers in the cities of Colon and Cardenas, in the central province of Matanzas, recruiting “tall and strong” people to participate in violent actions against the Ladies in White and other dissidents this upcoming Sunday, July 21st, when these activists have plans to participate in Mass to pray for the liberation of all political prisoners.

The news has been made public on the Twitter account of Ivan Hernandez Carrillo (@ivanlibre), independent unionist and former political prisoner.  The renown dissident hast sent out various messages of warning.

“Colon, Matanzas: State Security tells administrators of work centers to send strong and tall men to beat up the Ladies in White at 9 AM, this Sunday”, says one tweet.

The threats are also directed to other independent unionists.  State Security has plans to send more corpulent men “to the headquarters of the independent unions” at the same time.

On Sunday, July 14th, State Security carried out a violent operation against Ladies in White and other activists from Matanzas.  This resulted in broken heads and ribs, injections with unknown substances, and arrests.  The demonstrators were also threatened with death.  Lieutenant Coronel Joaquin was the official who ordered these actions.

“Ladies in White from Colon and Cardenas will go to Mass and march despite the threats of being ‘cut up with knives’ by the political police and State Security”, affirms Hernandez Carrillo.

He concludes his series of messages asking for solidarity with these dissidents who are facing serious threats to their lives.

“Please, we are asking for solidarity in light of this announced repression for this upcoming Sunday”, he expresses.

Ivan Hernandez was one of the dissidents arrested, beat, and injected with strange substances last weekend.  Other names of victims include Leticia Ramos Herreria, Marisol Fernandez, and Javier Erbello.

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