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Sick political prisoner transferred to penitentiary where he won’t receive adequate medical care

Ariel Arzuaga Pena

Political prisoner Ariel Arzuaga Pena, who is suffering various health ailments, was recently transferred to a penitentiary camp in the municipality of Bayamo, where he will not receive adequate medical attention, according to his wife Jaquelin Garcia Jaenz, a member of Cuba’s Ladies in White.  Arzuaga was previously being held in the provincial prison of Granma.

Ariel was transferred to the penitentiary, according to what the officials told me, due to all the health issues he is suffering, such as chronic pharingitis and advanced osteoporosis“, explained Garcia Jaenz, highlighting that in the prison he was being exposed to freezing temperatures many times and other times very humid conditions.  However, she denounces that “he needs to be constantly attended by a doctor, but in the mentioned penitentiary there is no solid medical attention.  In other words, the doctor only passes by once a week“.

The activist also recounts that her husband cannot apply any physical force or heavy lifting (due to the advanced osteoporosis on his spine) but he managed to tell her that in the new center he “has to carry the bucket of water to shower and has to clean the bathroom when it is his time to carry out his necessities“.

They are not concerned for Ariel, they don’t take in to consideration that his sickness will get worse.  On the contrary, they moved him to the new prison center to have him end up on a wheel chair“, assures Garcia.

Ariel Arzuaga was arrested on March of 2011, after the political police raided his home.  Jaquelin was detained at the moment, so Ariel was home taking care of their underage daughter.  The police physically assaulted the dissident and later accused him of an invented crime, alleging that he had threatened his young daughter with death.

Since then, Jaquelin has been denied visits with her husband, while he has been beat and threatened inside the prison on various occasions.  All of this due to his posture against the totalitarian system on the island.

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