Pedazos de la Isla

"Pieces of the Island"-An English Translation

Photos Demonstrate Constant Police Operations Against Lady in White

Political police detains and takes Leticia Ramos away in police vehicle

From the city of Cardenas, the representative of the Ladies in White in the province of Matanzas- Leticia Ramos Herreria- sent out photos to ‘Radio Republica’ which show the constant operations and cordons set up against her by the political police.  With these tatctics, the police tries to impede that she freely travel out of the city, that she assist Sunday Mass with the rest of the Ladies in White, and that she participate or carry out any activities of civic opposition.

In the photo-denouncement, one can see how the cordon of police agents impede the activist from continuing to ride her bicycle down the road and culiminates in her arrest.  The photos are of this same year (2012).

Both Leticia and her husband, Rudel Monteoca, have received death threats from State Security- directly and through the use of plain clothed agents.  This past 4th of November was one of the most recent acts of aggression against the Lady in White, when she was brutally beaten and confined to a dungeon for numerous hours.  Her testimony (in Spanish) of that day can be heard by clicking here, the official YouTube account of former political prisoner and renown opposition leader Ivan Hernandez Carrillo.

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