Pedazos de la Isla

"Pieces of the Island"-An English Translation

Cuban State Police Falsely Accuses Dissidents of Planting Explosives

Yuniesky Domínguez González, an active dissident from the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) informed this past Monday, June 11th that two Moltov cocktails (explosives) appeared in front ofa primary school located on C Street, between Third and Fourth in the municipality of Palma Soriano, which led the Cuban police to close off the mentioned neighborhood during the morning.  The activist explained that after arriving to the scene, the police official started to tell neighbors that the explosives were placed by dissidents, a statement Gonzalez and countless other dissidents have assured are false.

It seems that State Security has taken on the task of trying to make neighbors believe that the explosives were placed by those of us who are against the government”, said Dominguez Gonzalez, “but we are letting the international and national community know that UNPACU does not charecterize itself by these methods which were used originally by the 26th of July Movement (the movement which led to Castro’s rise to power) and Fidel Castro”. 

Yuniesky adds that the members of UNPACU, as well as the rest of the Cuban opposition, are completely “peaceful and without violence.  What we want is for the people to accelerate the democratization process with us so that we can all live in democracy and harmony”.

Cuban State Security frequently try to discredit human rights activist on the island, painting them as ‘criminals’, ‘mercenaries’, and ‘violent citizens’, despite the fact that these dissidents only use methods of non-cooperation and of Civic Resistance to spread their message to the Cuban people.

This is a totalitarian system which, because of their fear of information, manipulates it to the point that it tries to make the population believes that we are resonsible of violent actions such as these“, said the dissident, “but we remind State Security and the Cuban regime that weapons, explosives, and similar techniques are used only by their members, and not by the members of the internal peaceful opposition“.

Our struggle is with pencils, paper, and the truth”. 

For more information from Cuba:

Yuniesky Domínguez González – Cell Phone: +5352-997-961

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