Pedazos de la Isla

"Pieces of the Island"-An English Translation

Images of Jorge Vazquez Chaviano’s Arrest

Jorge Vázquez Chaviano, an activist who is member of the Central Opposition Coalition, was arrested this past 27th of March when he stepped out of his home in Sagua la Grande, Villa Clara and attempted to direct himself to the city of Havana to assist the Mass which was to be offered by Pope Benedict XVI that same afternoon.  Chaviano has not returned to his house since that moment, for he has been confined to a punishment cell for trying to freely travel throughout his own country.

Recently, the Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Resistance Front published the video of the moment of Chaviano’s arrest.  The video is divided in three parts.  The first part shows Chaviano explaining that he is surrounded, focusing the camera on the oppressors which keep a tight vigilance over his home.  This occurred just days before his arrest.  The second half shows the aftermath of a mob repudiation attack against Chaviano’s home.  In this segment, the dissident’s young son denounces the situation as well.  The final part of the video is the rapid and violent arrest of Chaviano at the hands of State police agents.  Watch it here:

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