Pedazos de la Isla

"Pieces of the Island"-An English Translation

Prayer Vigil in Solidarity with the Cuban Resistance (Tuesday, November 22th)

Photo taken from the internet

There will be a prayer vigil in Miami tomorrow- Tuesday November 22nd- in solidarity with the Cuban Resistance, whose members have chosen the 24th of each month as the “Day of Resistance“.  Since the 24th of November is Thanksgiving Day in the US, the vigil for this month could not be carried out on that specific day.  Therefore, it will be celebrated two days prior. Internal opposition activists have declared that they will publicly demonstrate throughout the streets of Cuba on the 24th, and the vigil not only aims to create solidarity and pray for them, but also to call attention onto their brave choice to coordinate anti-dictatorial protests throughout the island.

It will take place at 7 pm in Ponce Circle Park (2810 Ponce de Leon Boulevard) in Coral Gables.  According to the Assembly of the Resistance, coalition which organized the event, the invitation is open to anyone- Cuban or not- who wishes to express their solidarity with the internal resistance whose members not only risk their lives and take to the streets on the 24th, but also on a daily basis.

Similar events will be held in other US cities such as New York, New Jersey, and Los Angeles and around the world in cities in Uruguay, Costa Rica, Spain, Mexico and Colombia.

We are all Resistance!

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