Pedazos de la Isla

"Pieces of the Island"-An English Translation

Ramon Velazquez Toranzo: “Cuba must be free and independent from all sort of dictatorship and tyranny”

An article written by the coordinator of the National Boitel and Zapata Live March for Freedom in Las Tunas, Ramon Velazquez Toranzo, about the release from prison of a Cuban spy, the patriotic date of October 10th, and the persistence of those who continue the non violent struggle in Cuba.  His daughter, Rufina Velazquez, has provided the article.

Chronicles of an Announced Repression

For the slave owners of Cuba- the Castro brothers-there is nothing impossible when it comes to saving their family thrown and power.  For them, it is the same to order the drowning of a ship filled with women and children trying to flee the country, or to fabricate a hero out of any failed spy, order the shoot-down of a pair of civilian planes in the air, or execute three young men who also tried to flee the country.  It just comes that easy to them.

This upcoming 7th of October, one of those spies turned into a hero (but without any achievements) will be released, thanks to the work of other heroes of the same nature, from prison in the US, the country in which he was born and which he betrayed, like he also betrayed the freedom, democracy of the Cuban people.  Whoever defends a cruel and despicable dictatorship also betrays the people which the dictatorship oppresses, humiliates, and enslaves.

However, and despite how ironic it may seem, the 13 years this spy spent in US prisons is nothing compared to the three years of supervised freedom he will have to live in that country, alongside those which he at some point laughed at.  I would think that now he understands more than ever the saying of ‘he who laughs last, laughs best’.

Meanwhile, here in our island-prison, a group of us patriots will be repressed on October 10t by the same government which has assassinated so many freedoms and which now sheds crocodile tears so that they allow its abominable accomplice return home safe and sound, without serving what the law has sentenced.

I repeat we will be repressed on that day, and it’s not because we can read the future, it’s just that we know how the monster functions, for we live in its insides.  And we also know that we will never, never renounce our own rights, despite whatever price we must pay.

On October 10th of 1868, the Father of the Nation and of all Cubans, Carlos M. de Cespedes granted freedom to the slaves and declared Cuba independent from the Spanish metropolis.  On this same date, 143 years later, we are also declaring that we are slaves of no one and that Cuba must be free and independent from all sort of dictatorship and tyranny.

Juarez, distinguished figure of America, said that peace is the respect of the rights of others.  We believe that dignity is the respect of our own rights.

Long live the rights of the Cuban people! Long live a Free Cuba! And long live peace!

-Ramon Velazquez Toranzo
Coordinator of the National Boitel and Zapata March for Freedom in Las Tunas, Cuba.

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One response to “Ramon Velazquez Toranzo: “Cuba must be free and independent from all sort of dictatorship and tyranny”

  1. José Luis García Paneque. October 7, 2011 at 6:20 pm

    Dios bendiga a un gran amigo y luchador por cuba

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